A new, female Doctor Who?

News Martin Anderson
10 May 2008 - 12:16
Georgia Moffett, the girl with two 'Doctor Whos' as her dad...

Does the ending of the series four episode The Doctor's Daughter signify the start of new sci-fi adventures for a female Gallifrean?

In the last forty years, the notion of a female Doctor Who has frequently surfaced in debate about the program. Since the Doctor himself is capable of regenerating into male white actors of varying ages, why could he not regenerate as someone of different ethnicity…or sex?

In tonight’s series four episode, The Doctor’s Daughter, the BBC seems to have drawn a line in the sand at least regarding a ‘woman Doctor’. Yes, there is no reason necessarily why the boys should have all the fun but no, the nameless time traveller we have known and loved in various incarnations since 1963 will not himself be regenerating female. At least, that's the implicit message that I read in it...

Instead the conclusion of the episode finds real-life daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison playing the rapidly cloned progeny of Tennant’s Doctor, and winging her own way into space (and time? She is of Gallifrean stock after all) to do some ‘running down corridors’ of her own.

Does this mean a spin-off series? At the very least it leaves vast scope for the return of the character, who, like The Doctor himself, has no name (though she was christened ‘Jenny’ by Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble character) in yet another spin-off from the BBC’s collossally successful re-boot of the show.

Moffett herself has the obvious credentials due to her real-life dad, and she’s certainly young, attractive and athletic enough to cross quite a few barriers in viewer demographics.

Time will tell…

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