All 8 seasons of Dexter coming to Netflix US

News Louisa Mellor 29 Oct 2013 - 08:15

If Dexter passed you by the first time around, catch up with all 8 seasons on US Netflix...

Any of our US chums not having sampled the delights of Dexter on pay-channel Showtime will have the chance to catch up as of this October the 31st on Netflix. The streaming platform has done a deal with CBS for the first four seasons (aka, the ones really worth watching) to be available from Halloween 2013, with the final four runs joining them on January the 1st, 2014, presumably so as not to take a chunk out of the final season's festive period DVD sales.

For those who want to then, order your roll of polythene wrap, latex gloves, scalpel set and blood slides now for a Halloween marath... actually, definitely don't do that. You'll end up on a list somewhere. 

Read more about Dexter on Den of Geek, here.


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We've got 1-6 on UK Netflix already - Any idea when we are getting 7-8?

I really do think the way Breaking Bad was updated week by week during its final run and House of Cards/Hemlock Grove was released all in one go on Netflix is going to be the way forward for TV - would be nice to see a few more of the subscriber channels do the same for their big shows (especially Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood et al)

But if you've only seen up to series 5, you might as well just keep it that way...

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