Dexter to end with season 8

News Simon Brew
18 Apr 2013 - 21:36

Season 8 of Dexter will be its last, Showtime has just confirmed...

With Dexter season 8 shortly to premiere, Showtime has announced the not-unsurprising news that the it will be the final run of the show. Once season eight is done and dusted, Dexter will officially come to an end.

It'd be wrong to say that the show has been axed and cancelled, of course. How many dramas this edgy and interesting have made it to eight seasons in the first place? But even the most ardent fan and follower of Dexter would probably agree that it's time for television's most interesting contemporary serial killer to call it a day.

The eighth and final season of Dexter, then, will premiere on Sunday June 30th in the US. We suspect it might just leave our screens with a bit of a bang...

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