Dexter to end with season 8

News Simon Brew 18 Apr 2013 - 21:36

Season 8 of Dexter will be its last, Showtime has just confirmed...

With Dexter season 8 shortly to premiere, Showtime has announced the not-unsurprising news that the it will be the final run of the show. Once season eight is done and dusted, Dexter will officially come to an end.

It'd be wrong to say that the show has been axed and cancelled, of course. How many dramas this edgy and interesting have made it to eight seasons in the first place? But even the most ardent fan and follower of Dexter would probably agree that it's time for television's most interesting contemporary serial killer to call it a day.

The eighth and final season of Dexter, then, will premiere on Sunday June 30th in the US. We suspect it might just leave our screens with a bit of a bang...

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I've been a fan of Dexter from the beginning, but it is definitely ready to end. There's only so many times we can see Dexter think he can live an ordinary life, or find a buddy/girlfriend who eventually leaves/dies, or tapdances Clark Kent-like between his secret and his killer identity.And after the events of the end of the last season (no spoilers!) it can really only go in one satisfactory direction...

I remember thinking after Season One - how can they sustain this idea? They've done pretty well but it's probably outstayed its welcome really and hopefully ending it now will provide a satisfying resolution to the show.

It's time for it to end, and I don't mean that as an insult. It's had 3 superb season in 1 2 and 4 which are some of the best of Television, and only season 6 was below par - but I would say 7 seasons was the right number - it's stretched the formula a little too far, but not nearly so bad as some shows - still watching, still eager to see the conclusion.

Yeah, as much as I LOVE Dexter, it's ready to end it. Great and unique show. Lot of good TV this year too, Newsroom comes out in mid June, Breaking Bad in August, Sons of Anarchy sometime later, lots of others I can't think about right now.

This has been a good last 5 years of TV I gotta say. Unique and unpredictable.

If there is any justice it will end with Dexter being prosecuted, found guilty and (since this is the US) executed. Serial killers are criminals. Not heroes. No wonder the US has such warped values.

I thought it might end with him being arrested by Deb and willingly going to jail, telling himself that at least in jail, there's plenty of criminals to keep him busy. Justice is served and he gets to keep his hobby...

Hooray for prejudice!

He's in Florida. Just have him knock on the wrong door and then get shot.

Love the series. But, I think it's come to a logical end.

I will always have a soft spot for Dexter, but maybe it is the right time to finish.
I will miss it.

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