Dexter season 7 finale review: Surprise, Motherf***er

Review Billy Grifter 18 Dec 2012 - 07:31

Dexter seals its penultimate season with the departure of a main character, but was it any good?

This review contains spoilers.

7.12 Surprise, Motherfucker

I've just watched the season seven finale through for the second time, and frankly, I'm not entirely convinced by what I've just seen. If I'm reading the show correctly, the premise of this entire season is that Dexter is a corrupting influence, and if you spend too much time around him, then you too will become a serial killer! Really? That's it? 

But before I get on to the 'dramatic' major character exit, which has become a trademark Dexter season finale feature, what else did we discover here? To be pointed, that not much makes sense in the world of Dexter these days. 

We've got LaGuerta acting so mad that when holes start to appear in her paper-thin case, she looks even more disturbed than she probably is. We've got some excellent new scenes with Doakes that try to explain better his dislike for Dexter, on the basis that it was six years ago, and we've almost all forgotten they didn't get on. And we've got Hannah, the lost love with a love/hate relationship with the Morgan family. I can't really complain about the performance that Yvonne Strahovski has given with Hannah, because given what the writers did for her, she's battled on heroically. What I was really hoping for was that Hannah hadn't tried to poison Debra, making for a decent twist. Except that didn't happen, and Hannah was that transparent, and Debra that boring.

The scene where Hannah escaped was devoid of any logic, given that they thought she was dying, and a murderess, so they left her alone once someone else who was bleeding appeared. They also didn't inform Debra or Dexter that she was loose, which seems criminal at best. 

They're keeping Hannah for another season, which is probably a first for Dexter, where the bad people in the show don't usually make it to the end of the season, and never past it.

But the focus of this story is entirely Maria LaGuerta and the relationship she had with Doakes that is potentially the undoing of Debra and Dexter. That eventually leads Dexter to realise that code or no code, she's going down, or he and Debra are heading to prison, and Harrison into care. Motivation usually boils down into love or fear, and the resolution of this is a combination of those forces.

So what's my beef? It's this: Dexter and Debra are both homicide professionals, but they've created such a trail of evidence since Travis Marshall, that a blind bloodhound with Dr Dre headphones on and a heavy cold could follow it. The idea of sending Debra to a gas station (which ALL have cameras) to get the fuel to start a fire was dumb from the outset. Then Dexter taking his mobile phone along to murders is also stupid, and his plan to kill both Hector and Maria and create a crime scene is flawed. Any witness would tell them that the gunshots were too far apart in time, Maria has a bullet from the wrong gun in her, and there isn't the blood evidence to support the scene as presented, because of the plastic sheets. oh, and Debra had no blood on her when she returned to the party, even though she'd hugged a shot Maria. And, if Dexter didn't need reminding, his sister isn't remotely equipped to handle this emotionally, and by floating the idea that Dexter is a killer, someone is going to follow LaGuerta and realise she was on to something.

In retrospect, the redeeming aspect of season seven was Isaak, and they got rid of him far too early, when he was the best thing about the show at the time. It wasn't a complete fiasco, like season six was for the most part, but if they'd honestly announced that the 'big bad' of season seven was actually Maria, how many people would have tuned in? Possibly, not me.

The scenes with Erik King revisiting Doakes were good in that he was an edgy character who was unpredictable, but the idea that you can put a wig on any actor who's seven years older and we can ignore their natural ageing seems bizarre and a bit kitsch.

The container scene also made me wonder if, when confronted with the challenge of ending the show, the writers' brainstorming idea was that it should stop when all the main characters were either murderers or dead, creating a code of silence that protects Dexter forever. I really hope that's not where we are going, because I think the choices that Dexter and now Debra have made, have to deliver consequences. Or, the twisted morality of the show meant nothing from the outset, and we've all been duped into investing in these characters for the best part of a decade.

Dexter season eight is either going to renew my faith in the creative art of TV drama, or unleash my own dark passenger (who doesn't exist) in fury. There can't really be any other possibilities, I've concluded. Or, they could really mess with my mind and make Vince the nemesis that Dexter can't handle...

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"They're keeping Hannah for another season"

Really? I thought she was off to Argentina or something. The way she put that flower by Dexter's door seemed to me to be a goodbye. I hope she stays away, not because I hate her character, but because I think her story has served its purpose and there's nothing new there. Lumen left, Hannah can leave too. I want the last season to focus on Deb and Dexter together. Hannah was lovely, but not worth keeping for another season.

The redeeming aspect of season seven to me was the evolution of Dexter, after having himself declared arbiter of justice at the end of season six, this season has him return to earth and realize that, no matter what his justification may be, he's a killer like all those he killed. I loved that scene in which he told Estrada he now killed for 'normal reasons'. Also, I loved that they emulated the ending of the first book and even the first season of Dexter, by ending it in a shipping yard with LaGuerta's death, but this time Deb is forced to choose between her brother and her 'sister'. I also disagree with this review that this was somehow about Dexter being a corruptive force. The corruptive force is 'family' and how far you will go to protect them. Isaak protected his family. Hannah did too. Estrada even told Dexter that he had to kill his mother to protect the group. Dexter chose to protect Deb....and Deb chose to protect her family too. Her evolution almost outshines Dexter's if you look back to everything she's been through, everything she's uncovered and every morality choice she's had to make and it's lead her here. But where will they do from here?

I agree, this didn't end well.I'm actually disappointed in Dexter for intending to kill an innocent. I'm sure the writers could have come up with an alternative if they tried.

Also, it felt as though the season started with more drama than it ended with. As if they began with a season finale and then it all went downhill. It was fantastic until they wrote Isaak off. That's the storyline they should have kept going, and they shouldn't have gone as far as they did with LaGuerta's suspicions. Isaak's storyline had serious potential.

Quinn's sub-plot just shouldn't have happened at all. In general, I love the Dexter storylines, except the sub-plots. They are never interesting.

Damn, you are a bit short sighted I think... all the review is either a misunderstanding of the reasons for why they did what they did or a misunderstanding of basic human emotions (as a side note, just for curiosity, do you have Aspergers? some of my friends do so it's ok, but I was just wondering :P)

Do you know what the main theme of Season 7 actually is? Love. Yep, as cliche as that could be, this season is all about the amazing sacrifices both Dex and Deb have made for each other (Dex by letting go of his only, once-in-a-lifetime, true love, Hannah, and Deb by completely breaking her moral code just so save Dex; both extremely difficult decisions for them) and about the evolution of Dexter.

I've loved Dex from the beginning but when I saw those flashbacks with Doakes I couldn't help but cringe at the ultra socially awkward, "crepy" Dexter trying to be human. He's evolved so much, while still being a (sometimes) humanly-detached, lovable serial killer!

The writers have done a great job, and after that shitty 6th season I think Dexter is back on track to end it all with a great bang in the 8th season ;D

Wow, that was a completely unnecessary and incredibly twattish Aspergers quip.

Agree on all your points and now Dex and Deb will probably hook up for real to make things truly ugly.

I wonder wether LaGuerta dusted the chainsaw she found in the shipping container for prints...surely there would have been a partial print from Dexter on there.. he couldn't have always have had his gloves on while handling it..could he?? Either way, she should have been screaming about her find to anyone and everyone!

Secondly, I find it hard to believe Deb wouldn't drink fresh bottled water..rather than left over bottled water from the night before...which had been poisoned...hhmm...

I was personally shocked and pleased with this conclusion that, far from being a stretch, is quite logical. It's not saying that Deb is becoming a serial killer, but the underlying arc in this season was her psychological evolution toward her brother and that once she has crossed the line to protect him she would someday take it further. She was the central character this season as much as Dexter and it was heartbreaking to follow her descent into hell because she is our human anchor in this show - she is "normal" while her brother is not. While the decision of having her killed Mariah is tough, her dilemma and mental state was well exposed along the whole season. Sure, the final images with both of them at the party and no blood are weird, unless you remember the end of season 1 with very similar images - Dexter fantasizing on Deb knowing and being celebrated for his "work"at a party. Here it seems like a very sarcastic take on what Dexter was imagining it could have been and the reality of it.
Furthermore, I am really puzzled that you think this ending is a blow because season 7 has taken much from the first Dexter book where Mariah is killed at the end in a container by Brian, Dexter brother, but Dexter and Deb know this and Deb decide to accept Dexter nature and keep this dirty secret between the two of them.So once I saw what Maria was doing in this season and the arc of Deb too, I knew that Mariah would die and that somehow Deb would know of it and keep it secret. Sure enough the series is an entity of her own but it seems a bit odd to accuse the writer of ruining the season when they actually are taking much more from the book for the arc of this season.

Since these events actually happened in the book, it's kind of dumb to critique the writer's choices, when you should be hammering on the book writer. As for the whole thing being belieable or not, i've always seen Debra as super protective, she just didnt had a chance to prove it. So it came naturally for me at least. Moreover, he is a serial-killer, and i think you are forgetting it, his big bad in the first season was Doakes and makes absolutly all the sense that the big bad of a serial-killer....are the cops themselves, in fact, one could say, he is the big bad of the whole series, he was never intended to be portraited as a hero facing villains every day.

All through this series there has been a slow steady shifting of Dexter's persona - go back through the episodes and just check out how many times his face was shown behind panel glass or frosted glass or partly reflected etc; basically in ways that disrupt the 'normal' image of his face. This same technique is often used in movies to show a disturbed mind and broken personality. I never really noticed it too much before, but in this series it often cropped up.

Add to this that the concept of the 'Dark Passenger' was challenged and removed, leaving us with a Dexter who now accepts that it is simply himself who 'likes' to kill. Which leads to him killing Hannah's father, who didn't meet the code and being prepared to kill LaGuerta (if Deb hadn't stepped in) who met it even less. Not only that but in a reverse he didn't kill Hannah who does meet the code. In case we weren't getting the message the last episode went all out with the 'flashbacks' to Doakes to remind us that Dexter is basically just a creepy motherf***er when youget down to it.

In short a lot of the structure that helps us identify Dexter as a(n anti) hero despite him being a killer is being eroded. If this trend continues next season it seems that the writers are going to keep peeling back the layers, showing us a less of a dark angel and more of a plain crazy killer version of Dexter - which wouldn't surprise me with it (probably) being the last series. I'm not sure that a character like Dexter can be allowed to go unpunished at the end of the run, and if he is going to get caught, killed or whatever then it makes sense that the writers would have to start work now getting viewers on side for that.

Really enjoyed this season - subverted the big bad formula by taking the character of Issak off into interesting territory, did a lot of work to really change the characters and dynamic of the show. Really looking forward to series 8 already.

They had to cut Isaak off sooner than they wanted because he had other commitments You should really learn to do your research.

Not family, but love. Every single plot this story was about the corruption of love.
Dexter's love for Hannah and Debra tore him, Deb's love for Dexter pretty much drove her mad, Issak's love for Viktor left him obsessed and removed from power, Quinn's love for Nadia got him into serious danger and dragged back into helping the Koshka's, and Maria's love for Doakes meant that she was determined to clear his name at the slight hint that he wasn't the Bay Harbour Butcher.

It's the most concise theme that a season of Dexter has had and I really liked how they managed that balance without it being as forced as the theme of faith from season 6.

Now that it's finished, I want to say that season 7 is my favourite season of the show, but I feel that I need to watch season 4 once again just to be sure.

I'm amazed with people's shock and dissapointment with Dexter killing an innocent, do we forget season three when he killed Prada's brother mistakenly. or season 5's first episode where he killed the guy in the gas station bathroom? Dexter has been on a slippery slope since Rita's death, and that is something that makes sense. He is realizing that his code is just simply a way to explain his actions, when in reality he is simply a killer. I think the direction the show is taking is amazing. so well written.

This season was all about debra... Very Poor Review!

I agree... Poor Review

I don't know, I think I might judge this show differently. I haven't been a true fan of this show in a long time. Season 1 is where I feel for the character of Dexter and since then I think his character has become weaker and weaker. The more emotionally complex he gets the less I enjoy his character (it's odd how he's the opposite of how I usually feel about characters). Also, I haven't cared about the big bad since season 1 either, this means that I watch the show merely because sometimes it's simply fun. It's like candy with no real nutritional value, therefore if the series finale leaves more to be desired, it's exactly what I expect. I'd be very surprised if they give us a finale worth the time dedicated viewers who hope for the best put in. Lost's finale pissed me off, a bad Dexter finale would be just another bad episode that I could care less about. Honestly the show should've ended years ago.

Season 7 started out as being the best season in several years (and was still far more enjoyable than the ;ast two put together)

The first misstep was killing off the best villain three episodes before the end and then messing about with the arsonist throwaway plot for a couple of weeks. The other subplot that Maria suspected Dexter could and should have had a real belly punch but in the end it was ludicrous and the resolution was mind blowingly silly.

My biggest problem is that there are so many loose ends - Hannah "she wont talk shes in love with me" McKay, the multitude of evidence and the murder of La Guerta could not have been dealt with so flippantly. Also do NONE of the detectives actually detect in the Miami precinct? Actions that should have massive consequence have none (Joey kills the Russian Mafia stooge, Dexter kills Russian Mafia boss, Hannah kills Russian Mafia heavy - yet no Russian Mafia turn up to investigate)

What began so well soon expired and it was almost as if stories were curtailed and a new set added at the 10th episode.

My own take should have been that the resolution of the story would have involved Morgan being forced to turn on Dexter and paying the price and his flight from the precinct (he and she are REALLY goin to walk into work next day when Debra couldnt act cool if she's slept in a fridge??) and the last season should have started with the big manhunt.

Instead I can see that the season will involve yet another villain and Dexter blithely killing at will with no fear or reprisal until episode 11 onwards.

I wish they had had the cajones to take a VERY promising 9 episodes to their logical conclusion and have him exposed. As it is if NO ONE thinks to investigate the ballistics of the murder weapon, the whereabouts of the pair during the murder and - well you get the point - it will be ridiculous in the extreme.

A weirdly brilliant 3/4 season marred by a silly end.

Its almost like the meaningless subplots are there to pad out episodes? They go no where.

Is that true - if so it pays off the poor end to his story. What a great pity!

I liked this episode, as it was the first Dexter since season 4 that got my heart sufficiently running...But I'm not sure how I feel about how it ended though...I much would've rather seen dexter exposed. As Harry mentioned, everything - this whole series- has
been leading up to Dexter being exposed. I feel like the only logical
thing to do is explore the ramifications of him being exposed...Not just
caught-- because that's kind of what this season was about after he got caught by Deb-- but fully
exposed for the world to see. Who would help him and who would go after
him? Would he run or try to save his "normal" life that he now covets?
What would Deb do with pressure from her colleagues? How would people
treat Deb? Will Dex, and now Deb, live or die? How would that affect Dexter's urges/ability to kill? The show has flirted with
Dexter's exposure for 7 seasons, and has yet to fully take that plunge,
and with the supporting cast largely being a non-factor for the past
few seasons, it seems only logical to get them involved in a big way for
the final season.

I feel like this season needed to end with him
being exposed to miami metro, so it could springboard into next season
with those scenarios and an even newer/fresher take on the series than
this season was. I'm sure the writers have a plan, but I really don't
want to spend another half a season or full season watching someone play
cat and mouse with Dexter as they slowly uncover his secret. We've now
seen that happen in 4 of the 7 seasons between Doakes, Joey and Maria,
so they need to change it up. If the writers are going to expose him to
the world, the crescendo needs to be fast and it needs to be explosive,
rather than slow and secretive, so we can have a lot of time to see how
the characters react to Dexter's true self. And theres no reason it shouldn't go that
way, because even despite Miami Metro's knack for being terrible cops
when it comes to Dexter, theres really no way they can ignore LaGuerta
and his mother's killer disappearing RIGHT after Maria accused Dexter of
being the Butcher. Somone in Miami Metro is going to pick up on that, but I just really hope they cut to the chase and don't just repeat what Maria did this season with Quinn or Batista....The Dexter scribes have had a knack for hitting
the reset button in the past, and they havent really written as many ballsy twists or outcomes as they did in the first 4 seasons, so thats the only reason why I'm
reluctant...Either way, I'm pumped for the final season.

As others have already pointed out, the main theme for this season seems to be love and how far people will go to protect those they care about. The plot points for that are pretty obvious for Deb and Dexter all the way down to Estrada's wife and Hannah's friend. Everyone is trying to protect someone they care for. But I see a lot of things that come back to Dexter's statement 'there is nothing out of my control.' Almost all of the characters here have great control in their normal lives(or at least think they do) and that control is ripped away from every one of them.
Deb loses control first in the church and never gets it back no matter how hard she tries. That's clear enough. Dexter starts to lose control when he falls for Hannah and unsurprisingly she does the same. They start taking more chances and make risky moves to try and hold on to each other. Joey loses control trying to help Nadia, allowing himself to be pulled in to destroying evidence and such. Issak lost control when Viktor was killed. I argue that Angel lost it when Mike was killed at the beginning leading to his retirement. Finally LaGuerta lost control trying to save Doakes' reputation. By the end everyone has had their lives turned upside down or flat out ended.
I loved this season and I can't wait to see how far season 8 will take us next.

I agree with what you say but just to clear things up, the show is based on the characters by Jeff Lindsay not the stories... only season 1 was actually based on a story from the books (Darkly Dreaming Dexter) everything else after season 1 was made by the show writers.

I concur, but the remarks of the reviwer would be more accurate if show writers never followed up of any of those stories, but they did, which allows them to continue it later on (which they did), or if he thought that the evolution dexter had after the first season went to a completly different direction from the character JL wrote and doing this doesnt make sense anymore (i wouldnt agree anyway, but then it would actually make sense someone thought that). I do agree that he has been sold a little more lighter for TV, but that doesnt mean he is a hero. He is not. He is the bad guy, the villain, the guy people would want dead if the series revolved about his sister, or about any other police character.

I completely disagree, i was losing faith after the "Meh" season 6, but this season has been fantastic. It's true that some of the episodes were just good (the Hannah ones) but there have been some seriously great episodes and scenes this season, with episode 12 being the absolute best. I loved the ending and it was one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the shows history. Jennifer Carpenter was absolutely incredible the whole season, but especially in that final scene. The running to Laguerta and hugging her wasn't even scripted, WOW. Can't wait for season 8, DEXTER is an amazing show again.

I liked this season mostly because they moved away from the “there’s a serial killer on the loose” storyline from the early seasons. But I can’t help but feel bad for
Doakes and LaGuerta. They were just trying to do their jobs, and bring in a
killer, and now both are dead (though, interestingly, neither by Dexter’s
hand). What made it hard to root for LaGeurta is that her character is not that
likeable. (Neither was Doakes, but in his last few episodes, I found myself
pulling more for him.)

Also, wasn’t the original theme of “the code” that Dexter just goes after killers who
fell through the cracks of the justice system? Lately it’s been “Dexter realizes
a person is bad, plots to kill them, kills them at the end.”

I don’t see how the writers can ignore the way the season ended. LaGuerta accused
Dexter of framing Doakes (in front of the whole precinct) and everyone knows
she’s got it in for him. Then both she and the man who killed Dexter’s mom end
up dead. Maybe they’ll finally do the “Angel goes after Dexter” think, since he’s
always been on good terms with him, and used to be married to Maria.

For the record, I thought the season would end with the semi-incest story, with Dexter
killing Hannah, and kissing Deb (ewwwww).

People sure do get entitled about and take ownership of characters in a popular TV show. The fact that Dexter doesn't do what you expect or think he should do is not evidence of bad writing.

I don't believe the theme of this season was love and the choices one makes to protect it. For me the theme this season was about the fear of loss and the extremes one may go to in order to cling to any semblance of security.

I think this was a pretty good ending. I wanted dexter to kill Laguerta for so long, and I felt happy that, not only did he got her killed, but Debrah got to do it. All these times she kept shitting on her, making her career difficult, well... I'm just glad she got that annoying, corrupt, power hungry bitch. This, is indeed a very happy ending.

Also, this review is missing so many points, and completely bnegative from the beggining of it.

What a terrible season, interesting characters getting killed, more boring subplots for the supporting cast, more of Dexter almost getting caught again & again, & the evolution of Debra's character is totally illogical.

From being an anti-hero Dexter has now become a hero? Debra should have shot him, but no we got another season to go with Debra being all angsty about what she did! Yawn.

End this show now!!!

shark jumping of epic proportions

And dont forget when he killed the innocent photographer a season or two ago.

Thought this was a superb ending to a fairly moderate season. Series 7 definitely suffered from a lack of direction, but I felt it all came together at the end.

Boooo your review has such a negative tone to it rather than a constructive or even critical note. I'm sorry, but especially after last season, they could really only go up. If you STILL have beef after this season, do everyone a favor and stop watching. More importantly, stop writing reviews about a show you don't care for.

The season finale was surprising, but there is a missing piece about LaGuerta. The episode forgot to mention that Doakes was also a hired assassin for a government (?). Perhaps his kills could have been seen as justified or not, but the show never truly revealed why he killed these people. Since Doakes was himself a different type of killer, then LaGuerta would have known it.

Perhaps LaGuerta covered up some of Doakes assassinations or even helped him. That could be revealed next season, and alleviate Deb of some of her stress from killing an "innocent." If she finds a mental "resolution" to her conflict regarding LaGuerta by finding out that she too may have helped Doakes in his kills, maybe in the final season Deb will realize she is still a cop and choose to live her life as before, but now accepts her brother as an essential part of taking care of murderers who fall through the cracks. Hannah may have escaped to Argentina as she previously planned. Dexter could revert back to his "code," which is as evolved as Dexter can ever be and maybe he could join Hannah in Argentina, which would allow him to continue to practice his "code" with approval from Hannah, but keep in touch with Deb. The question becomes Harrison.

When you look at Season 7 being completely about Debra moreso than about Dexter, it puts everything into perspective. Sure, lots of things happened to Dexter this season but nothing that he hasn't had to deal with before.

Meanwhile, Deb faced the complete opposite and her life has been turned upside down.

I couldnt disagree more with your review, this finale everything I wanted it to be, everything Ive been waiting for since season 1. ..

I also find it funny that ppl seem to have a problem with Deb and Dex as a romantic couple but- oh- it's okay that Dex is a serial killer... When Deb choked out the word "Dex" and then shot Laguerta.. Woah. Intense. I feel like Dexter has RUINED Deb and it's a story we also saw in Homeland to some degree- a girl sacrificing everything for somebody whose actions she doesnt approve of- the story could also be in the form of a drug dealer seducing someone to turn to drugs- Deb has turned to the dark side... Watching Harry fly off the handle in his own way was also cool. "Dexter, where will this lead?"

I want Deb and Dex to be together

Also; Deb could have just arrested Dexter.. That's what I THOUGHT would happen.. I mean he'd put his weapon away.. And he was giving himself up.. Stupid Maria was like "kill him" but he wasn't posing a threat anymore.. Shouldn't speak ill of the "dead" but she was the worst hostage negotiator ever... Even the guy on the table was better !

Why are you even watching this show then?

How is it that Quinn completely forgot that Dexter is a killer? Ever since RoboCop died Quinn has been a terrible character.

well said

Agreed, the season overall was very good but the finale was tremendous. That scene you mentioned with deb and laguerta is very memorable.

Sorry why did LaGuerta give Doakes a key in this episode?

Also Agreed, Isaac was killed too soon, arsonist was pointless, Mafia ended with no good point to it. Deb moaned the whole time, Hannah was ok. S7 started ok but peaked too soon.

Season 2 was the best, when everything was falling around dexter

This season was extremely disappointing to me. The plot holes are so big you can drive a truck through, and frankly, where Breaking Bad painstakingly covers the bases, Dexter relies on patching over bad writing with what must be the stupidest, most corrupt police force in the world.

I mean, seriously, LaGuerta goes to the shipping yard, tracking a dangerous killer, with NO BACKUP? Classic Miami PD. Great, Dex/Deb killed her. But oh wait, those warrants are a matter of public record, no matter, everyone will forget by episode 1 of season 8. Of course no one is going to bother investigating the scene, they will take one look and say, welp, that about wraps this one up, time for SHOTS. No one will look at the security footage on LaGuerta's laptop and she definitely told no one. Make sure to ignore the ballistics report on the bullet that killed LaGuerta, and nevermind she died in the SAME SPOT SHE FOUND DEXTERs WOULD BE KILL ROOM.

Not suspicious at all, guarantee season premiere first scene is her funeral, everyone shaking their heads and just moving on. Then halfway through the season someone new will discover Dexter's secret and conveniently--and promptly, and quietly, and without any consequence--die/be brutally murdered. It's just lazy writing. Done with this show, I can't suspend my disbelief this far any more.

My sentiments exactly. I'm just glad the bitch is out of the way.

You said it!

Agree too. Substandard review.

Maybe in season 8, Dex n Deb will do it, finally!

Me too!

You can stop watching it, can't you? There. I've just solved your problem.

Absolutely. It ended exactly how I'd imagined it to be. Can't wait for 8!

Me too! Such a thrill to see that happen. ;-)

the episode was good, but the season itself was great, much improved from season 6 which was frankly a turd. and i'm excited to see hannah back for another season. her and dexter can retire to argentina and kill off war criminals in hiding there :)

Did nobody realize that Estrada was awake in Dexter's trunk with a gun!?

Oh and Season 6 was a great season... One of the best definitely!

me four, that would be exciting

i think the same

It’s as if the writers who were around for seasons one through six disappeared, and a whole set of new writers came in for season seven. Hell, Dexter’s hair didn’t even look right.

I like the point you make about losing control. I've only just gotten up to speed on this series, and in tandem with your comments it occurs to me that the season would have ended (even more) brilliantly with the strains of Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control' fading in to the look of shocked ambivalence on Deb's face at the end.

And what about the fact that Deb called in to get a trace on her car shortly beforehand - waaaay big plot holes which have been brushed over. Such a shame as I agree with some of the more positive reviews re themes/character development. Unfortunately if you don't pay attention to the details the overarching stories become a little "thin" around the edges.

PS So true about Breaking Bad which will now be my benchmark for flawless character development!!!

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