Dexter season 7 episode 11 review: Do You See What I See

Review Billy Grifter 11 Dec 2012 - 12:13

Season seven's penultimate episode throws some very unexpected elements into the mix. Here's Billy's review...

This review contains spoilers.

7.11 Do You See What I See

I'm so glad that this show still has the ability to surprise, because it has on occasion telegraphed rather blatantly its meticulously planned twists. In the first ten or more minutes I sat wondering why we were covering the well-trodden ground of Debra not liking Hannah, and LaGuerta not letting the idea that Doakes was framed go.

We also have the mildly funny scene where Joey discovered that he's been dunked, delivered with zero emotional content by a stripper performing a lap dance at the time. He's such a schmuck, really. I can't see he's going to Vegas to ask her to come back, so that's yet another relationship where he was the ultimate fall-guy. Maybe he should stay away from strippers and co-workers, among others.

Debra's idea of getting Hannah by using the evidence provided by a known drug abuser seems to be grasping at straws at best, and frankly if Hannah thought that woman was much of a threat, it is one she'd have dealt with by now.
And, then just when it looked possible that both those Dexter's biggest issues might go away, they both exploded in our faces!

The moment where Dexter realised that he'd been manipulated by LaGuerta by getting the man who ordered his mother killed released was superb, except it could have been even better if it made any sense how they got out of the container unobserved.

She's not going to let this go, and for once Dexter is really flirting with the strong possibility that he'll be exposed.
But what really got my attention was those developments in the Hannah McKay story, where having found his soul-mate, and dropped his Dark Passenger off on the highway, he's forced to confront the possibility that his girlfriend tried to kill his sister.

What was fascinating about this whole exercise was that Hannah remained generally calm, even when Debra told her in no uncertain terms how it was. What transpired then, and its consequences were precisely the sort of Greek tragedy that the show's writers love, where Dexter is torn between the two women he loves, one of whom he knows is capable of killing to protect herself. Actually, as I recall Debra shot someone a few seasons back, so it's not like they both can't kill when required. Hey, in this show, you're pretty much nobody unless you've got blood on your hands.

What kept digging me in the ribs was how elegantly the evidence for Doakes was contrived, and based on their conversation at Santa's Grotto, that was mostly Debra's work. So then Debra has a crash, and then Dexter finds the bottle of water. there a connection here? I think so.

What's been put in place here is Dexter's ultimate dilemma, because when he finds out that Hannah didn't poison Debra, and that he's been had, then how does he react to that scenario? He will be annoyed, to put it mildly. But then we're supposed to believe that when Hannah says 'you should have killed me', that this was an admission, which I suspect it wasn't at all.


If our collective heads weren't spinning enough, the trailer for the season finale introduces a possibility that seems too mind-blowing to consider: the return of Doakes!

Now, given that the season trailer showed Vince being killed by Dexter, which turned out to be a brief daydream, I'm not taking that as gospel. But I'm happy to accept that Dexter gets arrested by LaGuerta, in what promises to be something of a spectacular season end.


We've learned to hate Maria's character over the past seasons, not least because she always wants the world her way, and up to this point, with the possible exception of her marriage to Angle, she's got it. Dexter winning has consequences in the greater karma, and it's about time that LaGuerta got to some balance. And, not just the incessant tirade of racial and sexual abuse that Matthews gives her each time they meet.

Will Dexter kill her? I can't believe he will, but then I'm not sure someone else won't.

I still think that Isaak was killed far too early, and that the transition into the other stories was less than elegant, but that won't make me any less keen to tune in next Sunday, and see what utter chaos they've contrived to close out the penultimate season.

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If debra didn't poison herself I'll eat my hat

I'm fairly sure that Doakes is going to be another "spirit guide" of Dexter,l just like Brian was last season when Dex killed the guy who killed Brother whatever his name was. Dexter will make the decision to kill Laguarta and Harry will be temporarily replaced with Doakes. Unless Doakes managed to escape an explosion we know he was caught in, go out and find another "African American, heavily muscled" (to quote Vince's description of the charred remains) before returning to plant it all before the fire trucks arrived. I think the evidence against Dexter will come from Hannah, given how betrayed she must be feeling right now.

I really think that Hannah saying you should have killed me had more to do with she would rather be dead than have a broken heart. Also I'm 99% sure Debra poisoned herself.

I also think Deb poisoned the water to get Dexter to turn on Hannah, but is Dexter dumb?? She knows EVERYTHING about him so whats to stop a plea bargain? The Dexter gets arrested and Doakes shots are Dexter imagining, as I cant see him getting cornered til this time next season?

I thought the druggie mum might have done it so she didn't lose her kids as Deb threatened?

What makes you think that Dexter will be arrested? Perhaps it's a daydream.

Agreed, I also think she poisoned herself and intenionally crashed the car without actually passing out.

I'm 100% sure deb poisoned herself. No doubt about that. Hannah is in love, we all know that. She would rather die than go to jail. Agreeing with Jeff (previous comment) that when she said "you should've killed me" was when we all knew that Hannah didn't have anything to do with Debra getting into the car accident. Also when she said something about how she never made a mistake. Look at Price. Price, Hannah's husband, the counselor all died from Hannah. If she indeed poisoned deb, she would've died. Where would have Hannah gotten the pills? How would she know what pills deb was taking? And remember Deb was saying "I only took one. Last night. The drug has a short half life." I re watched the episode and she took like 2, if I'm not mistaken. No doubt in my mind that Hannah had nothing to do with it. I predict a the biggest cliff hanger in TV history. Then we have to wait like 6 months or whatever till season 8 comes out. According to the producers is the last season of Dexter. I really hope he finds happiness with Hannah. I doubt he can find another girl that will understand him like Hannah does.

Either way, Dexter is an idiot this season. The writers dropped his IQ by at least 10. Why wouldn't he test the bottle for DNA, test the blonde hair he found in Debra's washroom, and why would he turn in Hannah when he could just kill her? And then he could confront Hannah and ask why she "lied" about poisoning Debra.

Hannah would not use easily detectable anti-stress pills. Her MO is that purple plant. Deb did it deliberately to get Dexter to turn on Hannah. When she says "you should've killed me", I'm pretty sure she meant "if I go down, I"m taking you down with me".

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