First full trailer for Syfy's Defiance

Trailer Louisa Mellor 9 Jan 2013 - 08:26

Syfy's Defiance tells the story of aliens and humans co-existing in former St. Louis, and here's the first full trailer...

"This world has no natives, which means it belongs to everyone".

Yesterday brought news of Defiance's US premiere date on Syfy - the 15th of April in case anyone missed it - and today comes the first full trailer for the post-alien invasion survival series, which arrives complete with its own crossover MMO third-person shooter. Yup, this is no ordinary show, it's a transmedia experience...

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I'm a little disappointed by the trailer to be honest, was hoping for a less action packed and more intelligent view on a frontier city recovering from a war. I was hoping for a Sci-fi Deadwood tbh I will however reserve judgement until i see the first few episodes.

Has a very Firefly feel to it with the music... could be fun.

Looking forward to this, IMO Firefly hasn't yet been rivalled, but I reckon this might have the qualities required to be a worthy contender.

Actually looks like good, surprisingly. Its SyFy so was expecting awful CGI and cliche dialogue but am actually now quite looking forward to it, especially as theres a MMOFPS game running along side it.

HOLY a St louis native and resident im excited to see them crossing the Eads Bridge, that, after hundreds of years still looks to be in better shape then the arch. But i find it suspicious that it seems they are crossing into EAST Saint Louis...

Also it looks like a combination of LOTR and firefly...which could be nice

As a great, great cousin (on my mother's side) of James Eads, I hope the bridge lasts all of the coming apocalypses. I've still never been able to get to St. Louis to cross the bridge. It's one of my small, little personal life goals. :)

oh also the arch would collapse if it was missing any section...thats kind of bugging me

if you ever get the chance its completely worth it and personally i think it is a greater engineering masterpiece then the arch.

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