Darren Aronofsky adapting Maddaddam trilogy for HBO

News Louisa Mellor 5 Jun 2014 - 06:52

Noah and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky has been linked to an HBO adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian trilogy...

Ambition is not something the folk at HBO lack when it comes to literary adaptations. Though the cable network eventually passed on a small screen version of Neil Gaiman's hefty American Gods, it wasn't for lack of trying. HBO successfully translated the world of George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire to Game Of Thrones with enormous scope and creativity, not to mention its stellar work done adapting Charlaine Harris' thinly drawn series of Sookie Stackhouse novels into the - at times - complex and convincing True Blood. Crucially, they've got the cash to make these things happen and make them happen right.

That's why news that HBO is planning a TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's surprising, inventive dystopian Maddaddam trilogy is cause for celebration. Even more cause is that the channel has involved one of cinema's most powerfully visual directors, and a man entirely capable of making Atwood's unusual universe come to life on screen. Darren Aronofsky (NoahBlack SwanPi) has signed a three year development deal with HBO to executive produce and perhaps direct the new show.

If you haven't read Atwood's sci-fi series, which begins with Oryx & Crake, then Year Of The Flood, then final instalment, Maddaddam, it comes highly recommended from us. Set in a world post-biological catastrophe, its story takes in biological engineering, world-rebuilding, and human environmental responsibility all rendered in Atwood's elegant, crystalline prose. Seek it out.


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Very exciting. Good match between director and material. This is one of the few trilogies that act cohesively as one book rather than a series so it'll be interesting to see how it gets adapted.

I hope it turns out great, however since it is going to be a TV series I will avoid reading the books. I learnt my lesson with Hunger Games, completely ruined the movies (Katniss is such a b*tch when you don't know what she's thinking), although I'm sure I wouldn't have liked them anyway. I have friends who have stopped reading the song of ice & fire series because they want to be surprised and enjoy the show more.

Sigh, another dystopian adaption. Well, it might be good. It's HBO after all. On the other hand I would like HBO to tackle a scifi series, one in space! They've done westerns, mystery and fantasy now, so it's time!

My girlfriend has had a shitty day today, and these are her favourite books. Thanks for cheering her back up, DoG!

I didn't realise the American Gods series had been canned. I'm a sad panda :-(

i must say that a feel ambivalent towards this. can't really see how HBO will handle some parts of the material. I fear it will be an orgy of exiciting sexual violence.. I'm not a fan of Aronofskys visual style either. hope to be proven wrong though!

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