Danger Mouse returning to television

News Louisa Mellor 17 Jun 2014 - 07:09

CBBC has revived Cosgrove Hall's Danger Mouse for a 52-episode new series to air in 2015...

Thunderbirds, Morph, and now Danger Mouse... The UK is officially only a Super Gran reboot away from full nostalgic kids' TV submersion. CBBC has announced it's bringing back Cosgrove Hall's murine super spy for fifty-two new eleven-minute instalments, due to air in 2015.

It's a mighty thirty-three years since the series, about a Bond-like super agent mouse who lived in a secret lair underneath a red post box aided by his trusty er, hamster? friend Penfold zipped around the world besting foes, first aired on ITV.

Horrible Histories' Ben Ward is leading the writing team, and there's no official confirmation yet on who will be voicing the titular character (if it isn't David Jason, CBBC may well have an angry thirty-something riot on their hands, providing we can all get babysitters that is).

The reboot, on which co-creator Brian Cosgrove will serve as consultant, will use a "mixed media approach to give the show a unique look and feel", according to the official press bumf. More updates include Danger Mouse's underground lair having been upgraded to include all kinds of techno wizardry, and his iconic eye-patch is now an i-patch. To echo our good friend Penfold, "Oh carrots!".

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Please let it be David Jason!

Such a shame Terry Scott is no longer with us for Penfold voicing duties.

No Scott = no Penfold. Won't bother the kids It's targeted of course but for those of us that are still 13 mentally it won't be the same :D

And it'll be CG and below-average, like most cartoons these days. Or am I just being grumpy and cynical now?

Isn't it "Oh, crumbs!'?

Yeah, Penfold said Crumbs not blummin carrots!

Crumbs yes, carrots yes, even once, memorably, a "Muesli". Penfold til I die.

Sign up David Jason, Brian Trueman and Edward Kelsey - but only if they want to do it. Downside is they will all sound a lot older and with no Terry Scott it won't be the same. Perhaps a new team is required?

Indeed! Also fond of "Oh 'eck!" and "Oh fiddle!" Codename: "The Jigsaw".

Impressive commission - 52 episodes - there were only 161 original episodes...

I won't be going anywhere near this, there is no way it will have the same magic as the original.

Another childhood memory soullessly rebooted and updated by the unimaginative TV execs in charge today.
Part of the reason these originally succeeded was because they were original, witty and sharp. Resurrecting old shows with a slight tweak takes almost zero creativity, and lacks the original passion that went behind the original.
The new ones are likely to be Copper Knickers (original DM reference). I'd like to be proven wrong, but with so little original output, and so little invested in new talent, sci-fi, or other genre works by UK channels, I would strenuously doubt it.

I would agree with you but Ben Ward has peeked my interest. Horible Histories is pretty good, yeah though I have a feeling like the recent Fireman Sam and Postman Pat series it will lose quite a lot of its charm.One lives in hope though!

"his iconic eye-patch is now an i-patch". And there you have everything wrong with reboots/updates/whatever the word of the day is in a handy cut out and keep phrase. "A mixed media approach to give the show a unique look and feel" runs a very close second. Things that are truly iconic are probably best left alone, and not updated with today's buzz word just because there's a lame pun to be had. And there's nothing unique about mixed media, unless it involves mime or the medium of dance, in which case unique should not be confused with good.

You realise the lame puns *made* the original series, right?

Horrible Histories is AWESOME if you haven't seen it, watch it as soon as you can.
So I have high hopes for this. I only started finding danger mouse funny as an adult. - I do want removable eyebrows (I know there are ways but want ones that can be re attached)

WHY!!! The original series was FINE. Re-air those. Come up with something NEW. I am so sick of this re-hashing of things that were fine the way they were, and the GenX morons that support these unoriginal "ideas" with their money.

"if it isn't David Jason, CBBC may well have an angry thirty-something riot on their hands"

Yes, thirty-something...

Now you could have said 9, anyone who is still 13 mentally has got a whole different world of crazy going on!

It could just work

And old...but true!

True. Horrible Histories is well deserving of its praise and awards, It entertains and educates, and is usually very funny. I'm sure Lord Reith would approve.
It may prove me wrong (and predicting the worst is usually a good way to ensure it doesn't come true).

Either David Jason could play both DM and Penfold - he can do cuddly - see Cosgrove Hall's Victor and Hugo or maybe get Alexander Armstrong to play DM he has just the right mix of authority and comedy. Also think Simon Pegg would make a good DM with Nick Frost as Penfold. As long as we don't end up with James Corden as Penfold I don't really mind who they get.

Maybe they should make Penfold female. Isy Suttie would be great!

As a student in the late 80's in lovely old Salford, Danger Mouse along with Count Duckula was something of fav amongst my friends and I. Leave it alone.

Absolutely. I still remember Penfold sniggering all the way through the episode on the Moon because of "Copper Knickers" instead of Copernicus. And then there was the Egyptian episode with Umite and Ubee (the one that doubled as a Count Duckula pilot).

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