Danger Mouse returning to television

News Louisa Mellor
17 Jun 2014 - 07:09

CBBC has revived Cosgrove Hall's Danger Mouse for a 52-episode new series to air in 2015...

Thunderbirds, Morph, and now Danger Mouse... The UK is officially only a Super Gran reboot away from full nostalgic kids' TV submersion. CBBC has announced it's bringing back Cosgrove Hall's murine super spy for fifty-two new eleven-minute instalments, due to air in 2015.

It's a mighty thirty-three years since the series, about a Bond-like super agent mouse who lived in a secret lair underneath a red post box aided by his trusty er, hamster? friend Penfold zipped around the world besting foes, first aired on ITV.

Horrible Histories' Ben Ward is leading the writing team, and there's no official confirmation yet on who will be voicing the titular character (if it isn't David Jason, CBBC may well have an angry thirty-something riot on their hands, providing we can all get babysitters that is).

The reboot, on which co-creator Brian Cosgrove will serve as consultant, will use a "mixed media approach to give the show a unique look and feel", according to the official press bumf. More updates include Danger Mouse's underground lair having been upgraded to include all kinds of techno wizardry, and his iconic eye-patch is now an i-patch. To echo our good friend Penfold, "Oh carrots!".

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