Da Vinci's Demons season 2 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor
14 Oct 2013 - 08:42

Da Vinci's Demons is returning in 2014, with more episodes, more locations, more hair, and more adventure...

One of many geek truffles sniffed out by this weekend's NYCC er, pig (we're already regretting this dreadful analogy) is this rather exciting trailer for season two of Fox and Starz' Da Vinci's Demons

The season one finale saw our hero in a tricky spot and below is proof that not only did Leonardo survive the cliff-hanger, but he survived to travel to Peru, get hair extensions, and seek knowledge that may bring an end to all wars.

In the run-up to season two, we'll have plenty more on Da Vinci's Demons, gleaned from a fun day out Den of Geek spent on the hugely impressive set, where, we kid you not, the clever production designers had reconstructed Macchu Picchu, in a car park, in South Wales. Ambition is not something these folk lack.

Before all that though, take a look at the exciting season two trailer:

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