The CW officially cancels Cult

News Louisa Mellor
11 Apr 2013 - 08:15

Mid-season psychological thriller Cult is no more, as The CW pulls the remaining six episodes from its schedule...

Alien Nation (the film) and Farscape co-creator Rockne S.O'Bannon had two ships leaving the TV harbour in 2013, the first: psychological thriller Cult, and the second, forthcoming sci-fi series Defiance.

Cult set sail in January and immediately fell into the eddy of low ratings, before being redirected from the straits of Tuesday to Friday night, and finally concluding its choppy journey as a wreck on the ocean floor. Defiance, which ships out on Monday the 15th of April... (yes, alright, we'll ditch the dreadful seafaring metaphors, but only because we've run out of boating terms). In short, Cult has been cancelled, and its remaining six episodes pulled from the schedules, possibly to air online at a future date.

The defunct series was a show-within-a-show kind of deal, telling the story of a blogger and production assistant investigating mysterious disappearances linked to (fictionally) popular TV series CultNews of its cancellation was confirmed by O'Bannon on Twitter with the following message: "#Cult Sadly true. CW Execs once called the last 5 episodes “outstanding”. I guess too outstanding. You are great, SMART fans. Thx to u all!” 

(Rigging! That's a thing isn't it?)

In Cult's place, The CW is to run repeats of The Carrie Diaries.


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