Constantine casting shake-up

News Louisa Mellor
11 Jul 2014 - 07:45

It's all change on NBC's Constantine, as one major role is being written out. Potential spoiler within...

Warning: don't read on unless you're happy to know which Constantine character is being written out.

We're not being coy to create an air of mystery, rather to avoid clumsily revealing what is likely to be a fairly significant character spoiler for NBC's forthcoming Constantine. 

It's been reported that Liv, the young woman with the power to see the supernatural world played by Robin Hood and True Blood's Lucy Griffiths, is to be written out of Constantine's first series, and replaced by a new female lead. Griffiths has exited the series after its creators decided, fairly late it should be said, "to go in another direction".

That other direction is Zed, another Hellblazer character yet to be cast, who is set to replace the role of Liv as Constantine's female lead. Zed is described in the comics as the wayward daughter of an evangelical family who helps Constantine to rescue his niece from a shady type, and later, as a Pagan sorceress.

Is it significant that the news comes after Constantine's pilot, starring Griffiths, was accidentally leaked online? We couldn't possibly comment.

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