Constantine casting shake-up

News Louisa Mellor 11 Jul 2014 - 07:45

It's all change on NBC's Constantine, as one major role is being written out. Potential spoiler within...

Warning: don't read on unless you're happy to know which Constantine character is being written out.

We're not being coy to create an air of mystery, rather to avoid clumsily revealing what is likely to be a fairly significant character spoiler for NBC's forthcoming Constantine. 

It's been reported that Liv, the young woman with the power to see the supernatural world played by Robin Hood and True Blood's Lucy Griffiths, is to be written out of Constantine's first series, and replaced by a new female lead. Griffiths has exited the series after its creators decided, fairly late it should be said, "to go in another direction".

That other direction is Zed, another Hellblazer character yet to be cast, who is set to replace the role of Liv as Constantine's female lead. Zed is described in the comics as the wayward daughter of an evangelical family who helps Constantine to rescue his niece from a shady type, and later, as a Pagan sorceress.

Is it significant that the news comes after Constantine's pilot, starring Griffiths, was accidentally leaked online? We couldn't possibly comment.

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Just to quickly point something out (even if it's being pedantic), Lucy Griffiths never starred in the BBC One drama Merlin. She did, however, feature in the central cast of its predecessor, Robin Hood, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the show you were thinking of in this instance.

Quite right you are Sir, fixed!

So, did she leak the pilot and has been bombed out? Harsh!

Second new series in the space of a fortnight to have been accidentally "leaked" come on, believe that and you'd believe anything.
I enjoyed it though, so with that reasoning, it's bound to be cancelled after one season. I really should get out more...

It really wasnt very good, it reminded me a lot of the dresden files meets supernatural meets massive suckiness. Ill still watch it though.

The pilot really is rather rubbish. He even keeps mispronouncing his own name.

Possibly reactions to her in the pilot are the reason why

She wasn't the problem. She did the very best she could with what she'd been given. It was just a really badly written, pilot. Void of any originality or life.

The biggest casting concern was Constantine himself. The transatlantic-Newcastle accent was jarring and his attempts at cool/quirkyness were toe-curlingly bad

I didn't care about the character. He didn't make me want me to watch the next episode. Which I'm sad about, because I had high hopes for the show.

But of course that's just my opinion. Everyone else might love it.

Isn't that the point of doing a pilot, that you can realise a character isn't working after one episode rather than when you have 7 episodes with a character that everybody watching didn't like in episode 1

The Dresden Files, kinda liked that one, it got canned. Does anyone else see a pattern here? lol

Another pilot 'leaked' then.

I knew I'd hated her in something!

Unfortunately, I quite agree with you. I thought Lucy Griffiths was fairly decent (a little like Rachel Weisz in the movie) but the script was poor and Constantine himself seemed to be little more than a mouthy northern stereotype whose main weapon was shouting.

Unlike you, however, I didn't have very high hopes for the show feeling that the moral ambiguity of the character and his general un-trust-worthiness would not fare well under the control of US network TV - something already born out by JC no longer being a chain-smoker in the TV version.

Take away what made JC such a great character in the first place and all you're left with is something that will struggle to differentiate itself from Supernatural or the Dresden Files.

Interesting choice of character. I wont go into the details for the off chance of spoilers but I seriously doubt they will have Zeds story like it is in the comics. Not sure the God loving bible bashing Yanks could take it.

This isn't boding well... I hope Neil Marshall hasn't made a massive mistake here as he's usually exceptional.

So are we saying here that Keanu Reeve's was a better Constantine than this douchebag?

I really liked the pilot. It showed that Matt Ryan is very good in the role and it references a lot from the comics. As for the pronunciation of his name, for me the name pronounced as 'Constant-teen' sounds better than 'Constant-tyne'.

I always give a new TV series a season to get through its growing pains and develop its narrative. Take 'Arrow' for example, it was touch and go at times but it came into its own and its second season was awesome. You just never know.

Actually 'Supernatural' was modeled after the Hellblazer comics. The character Castiel is dressed as a homage to John Constantine.

Now that would be quite an accomplishment. :D

Saw the author of The Dresden Files recently at a con and he said there was a good possibility of a new Dresden Files TV series being commissioned, particularly in the void left by True Blood...

The Pilot was great, does this mean there shooting a new pilot, all I will say is he needs to tone down that Accent. But looks like something I'd watch for 10 years , now that my fave show Supernatural is in its last few season I think.

My Real name is actually Constantine and it's greet that the name is being pronounced " Constanteen". I hope this show lasts for 10 years but being on NBC it won't last 1 year :( , if the CW had this show I'd have hope for a 10 year series. Oh well

This show will be canceled anyway what's the point. Shame really I'd happily have watched it for 10 years .

Yeah exactly. I love that show and it would be great if Constantine became as big as Supernatural and last 10 years aswell .

Cool, Constantine is such a great name.

I'm adopted from Romania ,I live in Ireland so parents legally called me Daire ,every one does but my Romanian name is Constantine LOL if only I could hunt demons lol

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