New trailer for NBC's Constantine

Trailer Louisa Mellor 10 Jun 2014 - 07:44

NBC has released a new cut of its Constantine trailer, featuring a familiar DC face (well, helmet)...

"My name is John Constantine, I'll drive your demons away..."

Coming to NBC the week before Halloween on the 24th of October is Constantine, one of a slate of new comic book adaptations on their way to US TV. (Between this, The Flash, GothamDaredevil and more arriving soon, geek TV fans are going to need to clear some serious space on their DVRs.)

Matt Ryan stars as the raincoated exorcist in this outing for the Hellblazer character, the pilot of which comes directed by Neil Marshall (he of The Watchers On The WallBlackwater and of course, The Descent fame) and co-written by David S. Goyer and The Mentalist's Daniel Cerone.

This slightly reedited trailer features a snippet or two of new footage from the forthcoming show, including one DC Easter Egg (screengrab below) that's certainly piqued our interest...


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AHA! Just clicked! I've been hearing Matt Ryan's voice in my living room for weeks already; Edward McStabby Kenway from Assassin's Creed IV! Been bugging me since the first Constantine trailer...

Doctor Fate's helmet, crumbs... are NBC hoping to muscle in on the DC universe building against Fox and The CW?

I don't know anything about this Dr. Fate, but I get that it is DC's Dr. Strange counterpart. Are they planning a spin off series already? Or is this some sign that Constantine is part of a bigger DC universe on TV or even in cinemas?

NBC is hoping for great succes with Constantine. The series is produced and owned by Warner Bros./DC Comics and they will get the syndication money (sales to other countries and what not). NBC wants high ratings so they get money from the commercials.
In theory Arrow/The Flash (The CW), Gotham (Fox) and Constantine (NBC) can be set in the same universe, even in the same universe as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, because WB/DC ownes and makes them. It's like Marvel Studios that have Agents of SHIELD on ABC and those Netflix series both in the same universe as the MCU movies. Different outlets but part of the same universe.

I think it's probably just an easter egg. John probably collects magical artifacts like he does in both the Hellblazer continuity (see his appearance in Sandman) and new 52 continuity (many appearances but mostly vol 1) so the props department probably raided the WB storage (i like to picture the warehouse from Raiders) and grabbed whatever would fit. Dr Fates helmet probably being the one initially made for Smallville.

It's not just the helmet of fate, if you look behind that there is the ibistick of Ibis the Invincible. They're all artifacts of Egyptian themed DC heroes.

Hmm, a bit like Arrow is full of easter eggs then.
On the other hand, in Marvel's Thor (2011) we saw a glimps of the Infinity Gauntlet that proved to be THE macguffin for the next or third Avenger movie.

I imagine with these comic book adaptations all the easter eggs are put in with the notion that, should the opportunity arise, they can reference back to the easter egg and pretend it was planned all along.



It's like a Northern, Cockney, Irish accent cocktail... Even so, I'm definitely on board for this one.

Think its the old liverpudlian accent but has blended with Ryan's natural Welsh. I like it, seems to really work for Constantine.

No Scouser no likey. Also that 'rack of lamb' line is a terrible groaner. Not at all convinced. 18 rated Delano version or get tae fook.

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