Constantine start date announced

News Louisa Mellor
3 Jun 2014 - 06:32

Constantine will have a pre-Halloween premiere on NBC, starting on Friday the 24th of October...

As River Song might say, let's do diaries. Our US chums should flip theirs ahead to Friday the 24th of October 2014 and write "Constantine 10pm" in nice, fat letters on the page, perhaps accompanied by a demonic doodle and some occult symbols. Done? Good, now you won't miss it.

NBC's new comic-book adaptation begins in the US on Friday the 24th of October at 10pm, the week before Halloween. Grimm's season four premiere will lead in to the new show, starting at 9pm.

There's no sign of Parks And Recreation season seven on NBC's newly released autumn schedule, so we can expect a midseason premiere for Lesley Knope's swan-song season. Other geek-interest shows on the channel include The Blacklist, which is due to return for season two on Monday the 22nd of September.

Read more about Constantine on Den Of Geek, here.


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