Constantine and The Flash ordered to series

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9 May 2014 - 20:15

NBC and The CW have picked up the Constantine and Flash pilots for a full series each...

Numfar, do the dance of joy! TV schedules are about to become as crammed as the local cineplex with comic book characters. Joining the news that S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming back for a second season and Marvel's Agent Carter spin-off has been picked up by ABC are two further geek series orders: NBC's Constantine and The CW's The Flash.

We've talked a fair bit about Arrow spin-off, The Flash, already, which you can read here. It stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the police forensic scientist who becomes the super-speed hero in the red and yellow suit. The new series is due to begin on The CW this autumn.

Another DC adaptation, this time on NBC, is also on its way in the form of David S. Goyer's Constantine. Based on DC's Hellblazer comics, the series stars Matt Ryan in the lead role of John Constantine, chain-smoking occult detective and demon hunter. Expect to see Ryan in the famous beige raincoat also in the autumn.

Also returning to The CW is Beauty And The Beast, while The Tomorrow People won't be coming back for a second run.

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