Constantine and The Flash ordered to series

News Louisa Mellor 9 May 2014 - 20:15

NBC and The CW have picked up the Constantine and Flash pilots for a full series each...

Numfar, do the dance of joy! TV schedules are about to become as crammed as the local cineplex with comic book characters. Joining the news that S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming back for a second season and Marvel's Agent Carter spin-off has been picked up by ABC are two further geek series orders: NBC's Constantine and The CW's The Flash.

We've talked a fair bit about Arrow spin-off, The Flash, already, which you can read here. It stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the police forensic scientist who becomes the super-speed hero in the red and yellow suit. The new series is due to begin on The CW this autumn.

Another DC adaptation, this time on NBC, is also on its way in the form of David S. Goyer's Constantine. Based on DC's Hellblazer comics, the series stars Matt Ryan in the lead role of John Constantine, chain-smoking occult detective and demon hunter. Expect to see Ryan in the famous beige raincoat also in the autumn.

Also returning to The CW is Beauty And The Beast, while The Tomorrow People won't be coming back for a second run.

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Not so sure about the Flash series but YAY for Constantine. However much i'm happy about it going to series I will still reserve judgement on it.

Actually feeling a little excited about Constantine. Maybe its just because im missing my Constantine fix since Hellblazer went down. But lordy let it be more Hellblazer than the current comic abomination.

Do not forget iZombie ;)

Grant Gustin was amazing as Barry Allen in Arrow. I hopefully think it will be good :)

Glad they are using a British actor and having Constantine be British too

Loving the Angel reference! I used to shout that randomly all the time.

Is he going to be a scouser? I'm not overly happy with the Goya connection here. Why not get Jamie Delano on board you know?

YES YES YES. I want this Constantine fix so badly. PLEASE be dark and grim and scary and sombre.

Numfar! <3

Gutted about Tomorrow People. It took a while to get going but was very enjoyable towards the end.

Great news! That gives us Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine on WB/DC's side and Agents of *blank*, Agent Carter and Daredevil on Marvel's side next season. The big question however is will Gotham and Constantine be in the same continuity as Arrow/The Flash and/or the DCCU or stand alone?

Flash, meh.

Constantine, ra!

The new version is devoid of character

It was the single worst decision DC have made in years. And given how god awful they have been for ages thats saying something. No one wanted Hellblazer to end except for Didio and Johns and i've not bought a single DC comic since they did it.

god i hope they do crossovers, but thats entirely down to being on the same network. If theyre on different channels, logistically its unlikely to ever happen

My excitement about a Constantine series is muted; what time will it go out / how much can they show? Constantine should be at minimum a 15 certificate on DVD. There is also in my mind the possibility it could turn out to be something like the Keanu Reeves film... and I'm really not up for that.

I'd love it if it's done properly - I just fear it won't be.

Ah, but Warner Bros. TV produces! The TV channels are just the outlet. Also, Gotham would be before Arrow/The Flash and Constantine. And Constantine tackles different stuff then Arrow/The Flash. I just want eastereggs. Little newsreports on TV screens, that kind of stuff. Also, the big crossovers would be on the big screen anyway. DC wants to Marvel!

Ironically the only new 52 comic I enjoyed was Wonder Woman who I have always hated, The magical x-men thing they are doing is not good.

I think Constantine could work much better as a TV series than it did as a movie. I have not yet been able to watch the movie without falling asleep. And I have tried 4 times since I bought the DVD a few years ago.

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