UPDATED: First look at Matt Ryan in costume as Constantine

News Louisa Mellor 13 Mar 2014 - 08:21

We can't imagine purists will have any issues with this first look at Matt Ryan as Constantine for the NBC pilot...

Update: Here's the official first look. Not at all bad, we think you'll agree...

What we're looking at below is an image taken of the Atlanta crew for NBC's Constantine pilot, a photo taken in memory of camera assistant Sarah Elizabeth Jones, who sadly died earlier this year in an accident during the filming of Midnight Rider. The image is part of Slates For Sarah, a FB campaign to raise awareness of safety on film and television sets.

Behind Welsh actor Matt Ryan in costume as John Constantine is executive producer David S. Goyer, who recently chatted about his plans for the Constantine series should it be picked up, here



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I'm keeping an interested eye on this, I didn't think the Reeves stab at it was too bad, there was more ideas in it than most of the stuff you see around, but lord have mercy I hope they don't mess this up, I couldn't deal with the rage it would send my younger brother into.

How overjoyed am I that Constantine actually LOOKS like Constantine! Or at least more like Constantine than bloody Keanu "Whoa..." Reeves. PLEASE let this dude keep his accent.

It's nice to see someone else think that the Keanu version was ok, I still enjoy it. But it is very nice to see that they've got the look right in this iteration so far. Colour me intrigued but still wary.

I never understood the hate for the movie! Keanu wasnt THAT bad. Just don't compare it to the comics, and enjoy it for it's own merits! Also Peter Stormare as Lucifer was just amazing!

gotta say he does look good! I cant wait for this tbh

Looks great, hopefully with a Scouse accent aswell (maybe subtitles need for American viewers).


I liked the film too but more because of Tilda Swinton and the guy who plays the Devil (who's name I can never remember). "Ahh I do miss the old names."

Peter Stormare, thats the fella

I would be happy with a more neutral english accent tbh. As long as its not american.

...then why even say it's an adaptation?

Bet the guy in the silly Flash costume wishes he got this gig instead. If Constantine is as good as I'm hoping it will be, we may just have the natural successor to Buffy.

I don't like it, jacket should be black.

Woah hang on there!!!!!!!!!!!! The bald bloke! 5th from left! NEIL MARSHALL!!!!! IS DIRECTING THIS??????

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