David S Goyer talks Constantine TV series

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11 Mar 2014 - 08:33

New Constantine series will be closer to the Hellblazer comics than the Keanu Reeves film says David S Goyer...

He's British, he's blonde, he'll have the signature trench coat and skinny tie, but whether Constantine in NBC's forthcoming TV pilot will be a chain-smoker is currently under negotiation with the network, according to executive producer David S Goyer.

I Am Rogue stole a few minutes to chat with Goyer, a man currently with more geek pies than fingers to stick in them, about the Constantine pilot, to be directed by The Descent and Game Of Thrones' Neil Marshall. The writer/director assured fans that the series, if it goes ahead, will stick more closely to the Hellblazer/Alan Moore creation than the Francis Lawrence-directed 2005 feature, a film he calls "interesting".

What do we know of the cast so far? Welsh actor Matt Ryan is in the lead, with support from Lost and Romeo + Juliet's Harold Perrineau playing an angel, True Detective's Charles Halford in the role of Chas, and Robin Hood's Lucy Griffiths as, in Goyer's words, "an amalgam of characters". According to Goyer, the announcement of another character fans know from the comic books is also imminent, played by "a pretty cool actor"

If it's picked up, Goyer also plans to bring in "some of the other occult figures" from the DC universe. Any guesses as to whom he's alluding?

I Am Rogue

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