Constantine TV pilot casts its lead

News Louisa Mellor 23 Feb 2014 - 09:44

UK actor Matt Ryan will play John Constantine in NBC's in-development comic book adaptation pilot...

One of the prayers of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer fans has been answered in NBC's choice of John Constantine for its forthcoming series: the actor in question is from the UK. Specifically, the Welsh bit.

Matt Ryan, announced this weekend to be donning Constantine's mac in the new pilot, kicked off his acting career with a small role in 2004's Layer Cake, before going on to appear in The Tudors and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. He also provided the voice of Edward Kenway in Assassin's Creed IV.

Ryan will appear as occult detective/conman/magician Constantine in the David S. Goyer-produced pilot, written by The Mentalist's Daniel Cerone and directed by The Descent's Neil Marshall. According to Deadline, that pilot has the following premise: "When the daughter of a late friend is targeted by demons, Constantine steps in to save her...".

We'll keep you posted as more news arrives.


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Isn't Constantine supposed to be blonde or something?
Btw I LOVE the film with Keanu so I'll see how this will turn out. Could be a fun show to watch. Can't say the actor choice is thrilling me much though.

At least he's English... well... sort of English

Captain Edward Kenway

I remember the outrage when Keanu was cast. Well, not accent-wise, but he IS actually half English. Anyway, he was not British and not blonde and refusing to have his hair bleached (thank goodness!). And it was great anyway.

But I'm still kind of surprised they didn't go with someone blond and London-y or Liverpoodlian this time, to stay closer to the original vision of the character.

I believe his surname is Ryan, not Gray

But will it be set in UK? Will he be British? If not. I am not interested.

I don't mind him not being blonde, but I am glad he is British. As a Welshman he is going to find it easier to do a English regional accent like Liverpudlian, than an American would. Having said that, being welsh doesn't necessarily mean his character will be English, but we can hope.

Hey! Someone else who likes that film. That must make two of us! :-)
Apart from the fact that it was shifted to the US, I didn't think it was a bad interpretation at all...

You had me at Neil Marshall (even though Doomsday was laughable and Centurion dull)

Well me and at least two of my friends loved it back then. Plus in my country (Czech rep.) I only saw positive reviews at the time (even from critics who hate Keanu).
Of course I can understand that fans of the source material could see it differently...

I re-read Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run recently and was surprised no mention was made of JC being scouse, I got more of a cockney impression in those.

Yeah, as far as I remember, there wasn't that much depth to him in Swamp Thing. It was only in Hellblazer that he became the drunk, nicotine craving fool that we all know and love.

Laughably awesome.

I've always liked it, except for the ending. He should have lit one up. Balls to new lungs, lol

Yeah well, that's how the comic ended. To be fair though, if i were directing the film, I'd have trouble including a scene that basically says "smoking is cool, kids!"

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