NBC's Constantine pilot green-lit

News Louisa Mellor 14 Jan 2014 - 06:36

The pilot for NBC's Constantine TV series is definitely happening...

NBC's prospective Constantine TV series, led by producer David S. Goyer (Man Of Steel, Da Vinci's Demons, Justice League) and writer Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist), has passed the next hurdle en route to our screens.

A pilot episode will be produced for the in-development series, which centres on the chain-smoking, mac-wearing con-man/occult detective who first appeared in Alan Moore's eighties Swamp Thing run.

There's been no word on casting as yet, which means there may still be time to perform whatever rain dance/voodoo ritual is required to get Tim Roth or John Simm's names in the hat. Busy yourselves people, we've work to do.


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tim roth? no!

John Sim? Yes!

Soooooo gonna be set in the USA with an American in the role ....... or more than likely a Brit or Aussie affecting an American accent.

Please be as good (or better) as Arrow. Please please please

yeah - John Sim I could accept.

...standard practice for American TV now.

Tim Roth? John Simm? Seriously! NO FREAKING WAY!!! Get someone new or phone up James Marsters, I'm sure he's not busy and has built up enough bitterness to do the role justice. I don't care if it's set in the States but Constantine has to smoke a lot - ON SCREEN - and have a British accent, ideally Scouse with a top-coat of Danny Dyer.

DANNY DYER!!! Casting done right there. Now wouldn't you love to see Malcolm lead an American show?

Danny Dyer? We all know he's great with accents

The big question stll... will this be set in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, in a possible DC TV Universe with Arrow/The Flash or Gotham, or a entity on its own.
Come on WB/DC, give us the game plan!

John Simm - over-rated, one trick pony. Tim Roth - ten years ago yes, now.. mmm not sure.
Kevin McKidd. Oh yeah. get him on the phone.

As long as they base it on Hellblazer rather than the current DC abomination I'll be happy.

Except for the hair colour (a minor niggle) I'd say Tom Riley.

Roth Roth Roth. Absolutely NOT Simm, who's a skinny Manc runt (good actor but 100% wrong for the part)

British accent? What exactly is that? Constantine is from London, he has a specific accent, so why not refer to that accent. At LEAST say 'English' to show you are aware of the difference!

Except 'Lie To Me'

can't we get Paul McGann, he's scouse, he can look good unkempt, he has screen presence?

Tim Roth is British

Somebody make ths effing happen

Just prise Nathan Fillion away from Castle if you are going to have an American in the role. Clive Owen would be my first choice of british actors (but he might be to old now).
If they can somehow convince Tilda Swinton to come back and do her bit as Gabriel again that would be fantastic, but I doubt they can.

I know, but he's using his own accent in the show, isn't he? not pretending to be American. Or did I imagine that?

Constantine is from Liverpool, if we're splitting hairs.

no, you're not imagine things, Roth was playing someone who's British even down to being a West Ham supporter.

I had forgotten that - he isn't written like he is though, he used London, not Liverpool slang, constantly. I have a feeling the writers regularly forget this too.

yeah that's fair enough - my main point is that you can't seem to have a decent American TV show without a British lead (accent or not) - although Britain produces excellent actors; probably because there is a stronger theatre culture here. A lot of these guys have stage time as well as screen time under their belt by the time they get to the U.S.

Given some thought i think paul bettany wearing a tired old mac bumming from small town to small town going where his nose leads.. if NBC can re-capture some of that old "american gothic" atmosphere and i'l be hooked.

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