DC's Constantine TV series in development

News Louisa Mellor 27 Sep 2013 - 09:23

NBC is developing a Constantine TV series with Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel writer David S Goyer...

We've barely had time to digest the news about live-action Batman TV series Gotham being ordered by Fox, when news arrives that another DC property is being prepped for telly treatment (insert tedious simile about comic book TV adaptations and buses). 

Chain-smoking occult detective and magician John Constantine, who recently moved into a new home in eponymous comic series after beginning life in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run in the eighties and continuing in DC and Vertigo's Hellblazer until this year, is planned for a TV debut on NBC.

The network has committed to a "script plus penalty" deal for Constantine, meaning that even if it isn't produced, writer Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist) and producer David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of SteelDa Vinci's Demons) will receive a hefty pay-off, theoretically making NBC more averse to cutting the project before production.

Constantine, which found its way to cinemas in 2005 with a not-entirely-successful Keanu Reeves-starring adaptation by Hunger Games sequel director Francis Lawrence, joins The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (itself no stranger to not-entirely-successful film adaptations) as an in-development TV series. In addition to Gotham, Fox has committed to making and airing a pilot for the Alan Moore ensemble series.

Presuming that Reeves won't be back in the raincoat then, who would you like to see playing John Constantine on the small screen?

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Tim Roth was born to play Constantine. Someone make it happen

Pete Doherty.

John Simm

Please please please let him be the proper blonde and British Constantine. I'm also nervous they're going to go down the demon slayer route of the movies. Constantine is a conman who only uses magic as a last resort and more often tricks people if he can. Don't mind if they want to set it in the states just don't sanitise it.

Guy Pearce

Sting? As other posters have said, let's hope it's "old" John and not the new one!

Matt Smith. Think about it ;)

So will this be the same Constantine as Del Toro wants to use in his Dark Justice League movie? And also, will this fit in with other DC Comics series like Arrow & The Flash and Gotham and the Man of Steel, Batman/Superman movies? As long as there aren't crossovers (networks won't like it I think) I don't think it should be a problem. A few easter eggs and hints would be enough.

The Flash

Agents of SHIELD

Looks like DC is winning the television universe.

Bobby davro

Or the way I look at it DC have taken 3 movie properties and turned them into tv shows and MARVEL have used their movies to create an new IP tv show. Do Arrow and Flash having TV shows make a Justice League movie more or less likely? Because I think it makes it much less likely.

Whilst the movie had its flaws, I thought the fight with the insect creature was excellent, with Constantine scrabbling around the ground to try and grab the matchbox with the bug inside. That seemed true to the tone of the comics.

Once upon a time, I though Paul Bettany was perfect for the role. Since then, he's made Legion and Priest. Here's hoping he was up to the task though...

Also, I've long thought that the Hellblazer comics would make for a great TV. A pity it's not on a cable network, but let's see how it goes...

Shouldn't this be a cable show? On a network show, I doubt he'll even be smoking.

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