Could Hulu rescue Community season 6?

News Louisa Mellor 29 May 2014 - 07:01

Hulu is in talks with Sony about making Community season 6. Now, about that movie...

NBC called time on Community in this year's spate of renewals and cancellations, but as all good geek TV fans know, nothing's really dead until you've identified the corpse, set it alight and ground up the bones.

The white knight potentially charging in to rescue this particular sitcom from cancellation tower is US streaming service Hulu. Deadline reports that Sony and Hulu are in talks about making a home for season six of Dan Harmon's campus comedy, taking the show halfway to achieving its fans' "six seasons and a movie" mantra.

Everything is very much in the preliminary stages at the moment with no guarantee of a deal, though both sides are reported to be willing. Even Dan Harmon, who had initially expressed reluctance to continue Community outside of NBC, has come around to the possibility with the words, "I'm not going to be the guy that re-cancels cancelled Community".

Now, about that movie...


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It would be a waste of everyone's time to revive Community. Its last two seasons clearly showed that it was out of ideas and had reached its natural conclusion. It's time for everyone to move on.

Disagree whilst season four was god awful, season 5 delivered reqular, yes we had rehashed episodes but even season 3 did that. I do miss the classes though.

Woo! Fingers crossed.

I feel like it's had its time, 5 seasons is a respectable run and all the characters are in pretty odd places, not sure what actual good more episodes would do besides dividing the fans even further a la Arrested Development.

Having said that, if it does happen and the new episodes have moments even close to the Deans freestyle rap apology then I will take it all back

community appeared on Amazon Instant Video (y'know - Lovefilm) over here in the UK at the Weekend. FINALLY I feel like I can join a party that has being going on for a while, but where I didn't have an invite...

I know this will come as no surprise to US peeps, but BLOODY HELL it's good isn't it?!

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