Community cancelled

News Simon Brew 9 May 2014 - 20:33

NBC has pulled the plug on Community after five seasons (and no movie)...

As things stand, unless someone comes in to save the show, there will be no six seasons and a movie of Community. For news has now broken that NBC has pulled the plug on the show. It's decided not to order a season six, and as things are at the moment, Community is cancelled.

It's a hammer blow for a show that's lived under the threat of cancellation for much of its life, yet consistently saved itself with some quite brilliant television. We wouldn't rule out in this case the likes of Netflix or Amazon coming in to save the show, but that's just speculation at this stage. What is known is that Community's run on NBC is done. The plan, as Entertainment Weekly has reported, is to try and shop the show to other broadcasters. We cross our fingers...


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Six seasons and a movie! Come on Netflix you saved arrested development!

This is truly the darkest timeline

The US produces some great TV, but I'm always so thankful that British channels don't function in quite the same way.

I hope it ends up with Netflix so I can actually watch the show.

Does this mean I'm regular Abed because this is BS?!

Fans should start a social media campaign right now. If Netflix or Amazon see interest, they will surely pick it up, it doesn't seem too expensive and it is quite clever!

Guess that asteroid is canon then... Really hope someone picks it up.

Well, I wouldn't say "saved".

E Pluribus Anus

Keep the faith, people. Even if no other network or streaming service want to take it on, I reckon they could crowfund enough to make season six in an afternoon.

I thought Arrested season 4 was pretty dire, in fact I couldn't make it through more than a handful of episodes. It was off the air too long and somewhere along the way they lost the spark. Here's hoping someone saves Community and it's back in production before the rot sets in.

I liked it but have you checked out the fan-edited version? Much better.

*Dean-style screaming*

First Fox cancels Almost Human and now NBC dumps Community. What the hell is wrong with TV executives?

Actually distraught. I feel empty


Mamma nooooo!

NBC Britta'd it

Never found this show funny...

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

That is all.

Sad news. Hopefully season five will go out on a high. Best to appreciate what we have - while we wait for a potential backer for a sixth season... and a movie!!

The show or the asteroid? ;o)

Looking at the ratings, the first and second series were very popular, the remaining three series much less so, with the last garnering the lowest ratings... The series premiered in 2009 with 7.89 million, however 2014's season finale had just 2.87 million. Sadly I guess this played a big part in the decision on NBC's part.

Would be pretty impressed either way

Thank God. When will American networks work out that comedy, unlike drama, just cannot maintain quality over 100+ episodes, and that having a writers' room for comedy is a disaster. British drama shows have too few episodes, but British comedies get it dead right. 6-8 episodes per year, 3-4 seasons, then end it, and every single line written by the same writer or pair of writers. That's why there's no American comedy series to rival Fawlty Towers or the IT Crowd - there's a limited number of good jokes in any situation. There are a large number of US dramas I have watched every single episode of, there are zero US comedies I can say the same about - even those that make me roll about laughing for 10 or so episodes start to pall after that, and I usually can't even be bothered with the second season.

There were 97 episodes of Community...

Please Netflix, save this show! And please Dan Harmon and co., come up with better episodes!

It was inevitable. They made Jeff lame in season 5 he used to reluctantly play along but now he's leading the geek trips, Troy left so Abed kinda becomes a stale character. I don't mind that Pierce is gone though, he really was annoying but why couldn't we follow their lives outside of community college instead of dragging them all back in? Annie is too organised to screw her life up again and Shirley has a husband and children for goodness sake she can't afford to still be playing around. The writers should do better, show became repetitive.

Wubbalubbadubdub.#5seasonsagasleakansamovie. We can always hope for maybe a miniseries/movie

0 meow meow beanz

Rolls a six

So it got cancelled in the nick of time.

Streets behind NBC.

Birdman knows you are hurting inside Rick ;)

They don't see the point in renewing shows people don't watch? I do think in the modern era they need to recognize series are more likely to pick up viewers once they hit Netflix and viewers can feel comfortable viewing something that a) finished its season and b) it is unlikely to be cancelled before telling its story. Breaking Bad is the perfect example of this. That said, Almost Human is no Breaking Bad (or Firefly for that matter) and is reportedly expensive to produce, and Community has had five seasons to catch on and it simply has not.

Just how many British comedies have been as good as Fawlty Towers?

While The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are still going

There have been a good few in the same ballpark, and plenty better than anything American - Father Ted, One Foot in the Grave, Spaced, Blackadder, Whoops Apocalypse, Porridge, the Young Ones, Hancock...

Coming from a guy with a South Park avatar....

American comedies have been wiping the floor with British comedies for years, the amount of creative and well written comedies in the past 15 years alone are better than the vast majority of comedies coming out of Britain.

Dozens of voices

To some extent there is a paucity of decent UK sitcoms but it is very much down to commissioning. BBC1 abandoned the 8.30 comedy half hour in the late nineties for Changing Rooms, Ground Force and a host of docusoaps! Humour itself is very subjective. I loathe Mrs Browns Boys but clearly 10 million love it. Outnumbered was good for a while. I love the best of both tbh - Community, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Frasier, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Party Down and Parks and Recreation from the US. The Office - so good the US nicked the idea (and it is a very decent US sitcom too!)... ditto Dear John and Steptoe and Son! In the last 15 years we've had The Royle Family, Peep Show, Phoenix Nights, Look Around You, Spaced, The IT Crowd, The Thick of It, Getting on, Nighty Night, The Trip and W1A to name but ten! Even BBC 3 has occasionally come up trumps with the likes of Mongrels and Uncle. It is encouraging to see the BBC has revived Comedy Playhouse in the last few weeks. They are clearly attempting to address the situation. Then again is it a good thing that a sitcom can notch up over 100 episodes? In the UK only seven shows have notched up this many and that includes the likes of Bodger and Badger and Chucklevision! and only one has over 250 - Last of the Summer Wine...

shut up

This is apparently what Netflix customer service are saying to people asking from Netflix to pick up the series...

Apart from when it comes to The Fades. Or Ripper Street. Or...

Someone is moody.

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