Longer, better trailer for Community season 5

Trailer Louisa Mellor 13 Dec 2013 - 08:13

If the Jeff-focussed teaser didn't whet your appetite for Community season 5, then this movie-style extravaganza might...

Taking inspiration from The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug is this extended Community season five trailer, featuring a Zardoz costume, an ass-crack bandit, another meta reference to the fact that Donald Glover's going to be absent for a few episodes this season, and all manner of high concept Greendale unpredictability. 

Welcome back, Dan Harmon, welcome back.

Community season 5 starts on Thursday the 2nd of January on NBC with an hour-long episode.


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Now that looks like a Community I can get behind :)

Jan 1: Sherlock returns
Jan 2: Community returns with a 1-hour premiere

Happy New Year indeed!

I just binge-watched series 4 and oh dear, that missed so much more often than it hit, trying way too hard. Glad Dan Harmon is back, hope he can turn the ship around, though no doubt it's going to be harder to cover Donald Glovers absence than Chevvy Chases.

The REAL Community is back! Yay!

Holy Ass Crack Bandit! That looks like Community of yesteryear! The King is dead! Long live The King!

I am speechless. POP POP!

Back on form! I cannot WAIT for season 5!

I'd agree that it had too many misses compared to previous seasons, but I'm glad they're not removing it from continuity or anything. When Harmon was announced as coming back, there were all these suggestions that season 4 was just a dream, or would somehow otherwise be retroactively undone. I'm glad they're not going with that, and building on some of the stuff in it (like Abed's sort-of girlfriend). For one thing, a lot of people put in a lot of effort to continue Harmon's work, and I wouldn't like it to be in vain. For another, I actually still liked a lot of it, especially towards the end of the season. There were still some very talented writers and performers, and once they'd found their feet again they spun out some good material. I'd have watched a fifth season with those same writers.

I'm very, very glad Harmon is back though.


I enjoyed the Jim Rash penned episode and the one about their origin stories. The others weren't so bad either, they at least get a C- for me.

The floor is lava is gonna be the new paintball, I love this show so f***ng much

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