Dan Harmon apologises for Community season 4 tirade

News Louisa Mellor 19 Jun 2013 - 09:50

Dan Harmon said some nasty things about Community season 4. Dan Harmon is sorry.

If you're not familiar with the shenanigans of one Dan Harmon of the Community parish, then here's a brief recap of the story so far.

Dan Harmon made three seasons of well-loved but non-mainstream hit Community. During those three seasons, Harmon had a number of loud, spirited discussions with former Community cast member, Chevy Chase, and no doubt a similar number of loud, spirited conversations with Sony TV and NBC bosses. As a consequence of those loud, spirited discussions and some boring stuff about ratings and the like, Dan Harmon was fired as showrunner, and a truncated, delayed season four went on without him. The result, according to our reviewer, was not pretty.

Now, Dan Harmon has agreed to return as showrunner for Community's truncated fifth season (he announced the news on the day the BBC confirmed Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who, which may be why, if you missed it, you missed it). So, Harmon is back in the fold and everybody's happy.

Not quite. 

Because on his Sunday night podcast, Harmon vented spleen over season four, characterised Sony as an evil Skynet-like corporation, and drew a thoughtless comparison between his experience of watching season four and sexual violence. 

Now, Dan Harmon is sorry. Very sorry. So sorry, he's written an extensive blog post apologising to fans, crew, actors, and humanity in general (and you can read it in full here).

Community season five is scheduled for a midseason premiere on NBC. 

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I really like Community. Season 4 wasn't awful, some of it was pretty good but overall it wasn't great so I'm glad Dan Harmon is coming back. But he does seem like a bit of an a-hole! Not just because of this, it's not the first time he's vented after all, just in general, some people are just like that aren't they? I don't think social media does this guy any favours, he'd have been better off working in the industry before the internet popped up. Basically, just like Mel Gibson, I like and respect his work but I don't think I'd like him round for dinner!

I've only seen the first two seasons so far, so can't comment on the quality of season 4. That said, I have to agree that Mr Harmon does come across as a man who rarely thinks before he speaks.
Good apology though. You can tell he's a writer...

In comparison with what had been achieved before, season four was dire. There were very few highlights, some episodes where I could barely raise a chuckle, no Professor Duncan and I really missed Annie's boobs.

I'd rather read the spleen-venting tirade than the apology. Where the link to that?

If Dan Harmon is going to bring Community back to the quality of seaons 1-3 then he can insult whoever he likes. Yes he is a dick but the quality of his work makes that easy to overlook.

Well, we all missed Annie's boobs!

I don't think it was dire, obviously not as good as before, but I think it's quite an insult to the actors who were clearly giving their best throughout it all. But here's hoping Season 5 is Community at it's very best.


To be fair, we expect this from Harmon by now. I just ignore it. To be fair, it was his show and they did kinda poo all over it with season 4. I'm glad they've spotted the mistake they made and are bringing him back.

That being said about 40% of season 4 was okay. The first couple of episodes were truly awful!

I'm not insulting the actors, they did the best with the poor material that they were given. The writing seemed off this season, which in my opinion altered the dynamic of the group, and they didn't seem to riff of each other as they did in previous seasons. Pierce's one liner insults just seem to vanish, and the Troy/Abhed relationship suffered with the addition of Britta to the mix.

Don't even get me started on the muppet episode...

Personally speaking I couldn't make it through the first two episodes of season 4 - it just wasn't remotely funny.

I don't particularly think Harmon is being a dick when he has these outbursts, nor does he seem particularly obnoxious in general, I just think he sometimes does a bad job of filtering his thoughts. Trying to do something original and creative within a big corporation must be incredibly frustrating, but he'd be better keeping those thoughts to himself for the sake of his career.

Check out his podcast Harmontown.

I love Dan Harmon's work generally, but he does seem to have trouble Playing The Game, doesn't he? Mind you, that tirade he posted against the creative process behind Kung Fu Panda was fantastic.

not it wasn't

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