Dan Harmon apologises for Community season 4 tirade

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19 Jun 2013 - 09:50

Dan Harmon said some nasty things about Community season 4. Dan Harmon is sorry.

If you're not familiar with the shenanigans of one Dan Harmon of the Community parish, then here's a brief recap of the story so far.

Dan Harmon made three seasons of well-loved but non-mainstream hit Community. During those three seasons, Harmon had a number of loud, spirited discussions with former Community cast member, Chevy Chase, and no doubt a similar number of loud, spirited conversations with Sony TV and NBC bosses. As a consequence of those loud, spirited discussions and some boring stuff about ratings and the like, Dan Harmon was fired as showrunner, and a truncated, delayed season four went on without him. The result, according to our reviewer, was not pretty.

Now, Dan Harmon has agreed to return as showrunner for Community's truncated fifth season (he announced the news on the day the BBC confirmed Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who, which may be why, if you missed it, you missed it). So, Harmon is back in the fold and everybody's happy.

Not quite. 

Because on his Sunday night podcast, Harmon vented spleen over season four, characterised Sony as an evil Skynet-like corporation, and drew a thoughtless comparison between his experience of watching season four and sexual violence. 

Now, Dan Harmon is sorry. Very sorry. So sorry, he's written an extensive blog post apologising to fans, crew, actors, and humanity in general (and you can read it in full here).

Community season five is scheduled for a midseason premiere on NBC. 

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