Lots of new footage in Community season 4 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 5 Feb 2013 - 07:03

With just days to go until the start of Community's long-awaited fourth season, NBC releases an 'epic' trailer...

There's been a steady trickle of Community promo trailers in the run-up to this Thursday's season four debut, but this is the one to top them all.

Showcasing one minute and fifty-five seconds of season four footage, this new trailer features film parodies, dance numbers, dressing up, and meta-references. In short, it advertises everything Community is known and loved for, and does its best to project an 'it's the same show even without former showrunner Dan Harmon' message to the show's loyal fans. Who knows, perhaps come Thursday, it'll be proved right?

Community returns to NBC this Thursday the 7th of February.


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With as many fights as Dan Harmon had to wage in order to keep his quirky ideas in place, I seriously doubt that the new showrunners will be willing to fight those same battles. I would love to be proved wrong. I hope I am.

Please please please let this be good. I wasn't impressed with the Die Hard Parody. Lets hope I'm just being biased and they can retain the magic.

Matt Lucas tucking in to lunch @ 1:12 there....

The thing is, Dan Harmon waged his fight by actually making HIS show. They weren't 'quirky', they were just his. I'm worried that the new showrunners will be attempting to please both fans and network, and in doing so, make the 'quirkiness' false and fail.

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