New Community season 4 promos

Trailer Louisa Mellor 22 Jan 2013 - 06:11

Ease your way in to a new season of Community with this raft of new promo clips from NBC...

Had Community's fourth season aired on its original start-date of the 20th of October, we'd be nearing the end of the thirteen-episode series about now. As it is, there's just over a fortnight to go until Greendale welcomes back the study group for its senior year. Thursday the 7th of February is the date for your diaries.

Just a couple of weeks ago, NBC Head of Entertainment Bob Greenblatt announced that he was still "absolutely hopeful" about a fifth season for Community, a statement we're clutching at with the frenzied optimism of a jilted lover given a sympathetic smile. Could it be that this isn't... the end? 

Whatever Community's future holds, there are thirteen brand new episodes winging their way to us in a little more than two weeks, and to celebrate, here's a bumper crop of promo clips for the fourth season... 


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