Community season 4 start date finally revealed

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2012 - 18:26

Don't hold your breath for the start of Community season 4 just yet. It's not on our screens until next year...

By now, if all had gone to the original plan, we'd be enjoying the fourth season of the peerless TV show, Community. It was expected to premiere in October, but after no promos and no noticeable build-up, NBC confirmed that it had delayed the return of the show indefinitely.

The signs, not for the first time in the land of Community, were not good.

And now we've finally found out just how long we have to wait for season four of the show. From the Twitter account of Shirley herself (well, Yvette Nicole Brown), it's now been revealed that Community won't be back on our screens until February. Specifically, February 7th 2013. Months away, then. Bah.

It's a long wait, and not for the first time, the show's future is looking a little clouded. Hopefully, there's going to be a happy ending to this, though. And two more seasons. And a movie...


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February 7th 2013 is October 14th

this is horseshit

That's so far away! I hope they chang their minds.

As annoying as this is, 7th February 2013 is a Thursday, so THEY'VE ESCAPED THE DEATH SLOT! This is good.

Ffffffffffffff! This is so ridiculous. Poor underrated Community. I feel sorry for everyone here, not least the writers because if they've made episodes with Halloween/Christmas themes etc., as they have done every year so far, then they've been cheated out of some handy synchronisation! Ughhhhhghghghg this makes me mad.

And October 14th is October 19th ;)

Still one of the most changtastic series on television.

"And two more seasons. And a movie..."

Thank you for this! ;)

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