Community season 4 to return in October

News Louisa Mellor
15 Jun 2012 - 08:20

The new season of Community – without Dan Harmon as showrunner – will start on NBC this October

Since the inauspicious removal of showrunner Dan Harmon, for some, celebrating the return of Community will be tinged with ambivalence. Like when a couple you know breaks up and you want to stay friends with both, there will be fans who feel torn when David Guarascio and Moses Port’s version of Greendale arrives on screen.

NBC is giving us all a little longer to come to terms with a Harmon-less Community, by kicking off season four on Friday nights from the 19th of October, a month later than usual. 30 Rock is also getting an October start, two weeks after Parks & Recreation returns on the 20th of September. You can read NBC's full autumn schedule, here.

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