Community set to land season 4 order?

News Simon Brew
8 May 2012 - 08:02
Community season 3 episode 3

Community, Parks And Recreation and 30 Rock are all looking likely to return, with shorter season orders...

Back when Community was taken off the air, with no date for a return, half way through its third season, it'd be fair to suggest that things weren't looking too good. But then, good things happened. When the show did eventually return to our screens, the ratings picked up, the word of mouth was louder than ever. Yet was all this enough to save the show?

As it turns out, quite possible.

Deadline is reporting that NBC has been mulling over the future of a trio of its popular comedy shows, Community being one of them. And all three may well be getting new season runs. The other shows are the mighty Parks And Recreation, and 30 Rock.

The downside to their recommissioning is that all three are likely to get shorter season runs than before, with 13 or 14 episodes apiece. The thinking is that this leaves space for NBC to try a few new comedy shows, while keeping some old favourites running.

We don't have a problem with shorter runs per se anyway, and the though of a lot more Community alone is enough to put a big, perky smile on our chops. Just two more seasons and a movie to go, then?


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