Old Skool weekend celebrates 30 years of CITV

News Louisa Mellor 17 Dec 2012 - 11:59

Nostalgia trip ahoy! Get ready for an entire weekend of the best of CITV’s last thirty years…

Super Gran. T-Bag. Knightmare. Count Duckula. Press Gang. Dangermouse. The sights and sounds of your childhood (assuming that you grew up near a TV set in the UK after 1983) are coming back for one weekend only.

To celebrate its thirtieth birthday, digital channel CITV is programming an entire two days of the best of its content from the last three decades on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of January 2013.

The full schedule for the Old Skool Weekend (yes, with a 'k') is below, so fill your nostalgic, Puddle-Lane branded boots:

Saturday the 5th of January

09.25 Mike & Angelo
09.50 Super Gran
10.15 Wizadora
10.30 T-Bag Strikes Again
10.50 Engie Benjy
11.05 The Raggy Dolls
11.15 Puddle Lane
11.35 Count Duckula
12.00 The Sooty Show 
12.25 Art Attack
12.40 The Big Bang
13.00 Finders Keepers
13.30 Fun House
14.00 Knightmare
14.30 Fraggle Rock
15.00 The Worst Witch
15.30 Woof!
16.00 Dramarama
16.30 Press Gang
17.00 The Tomorrow People (90's Version)
17.30 Children's Ward

Sunday the 6th of January

09.25 Mike & Angelo
09.50 Spatz
10.10 Huxley Pig
10.30 Rainbow
10.50 Button Moon
11.05 The Riddlers
11.15 Rosie & Jim
11.35 Dangermouse
12.00 Sooty & Co
12.25 How 2
12.40 Finger Tips
13.00 Jungle Run
13.30 Fun House
14.00 Knightmare
14.30 Fraggle Rock
15.00 My Parents are Aliens
15.30 Woof!
16.00 Dramarama
16.30 Press Gang
17.00 The Tomorrow People (90s Version)
17.30 Children's Ward

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Oh. My. God. That almost makes up for it being January!

Yay Jungle Run and My Parents are Aliens. At least this gives me a chance to see what Press Gang is like to check out early Moffat's work.

No Dr. Snuggles??

Oh yes.....geekgasm here we come!

Aww no fantomcat or road rovers? Well i suppose fun house, finders keepers, nightmare and count duckula makes up for it...

WOW I'm doing nothing for 2 days next year. What a great step back this'll be.

This is going to be one awesome weekend! Count Duckula, Finders Keepers and Fun House I can't wait to see again. And How 2 should give my science knowledge a boost. Disappointed at the omission of ZZZap! though. That was the greatest.

Nope! Alas Dr Snuggles was before CITV. Back when it was called "Watch It!"

No Wolf It?

Completely agree! I can say something controversial and say that ZZZap! is actually better than Art Attack?!?

They were done by the same company BUUUUT I love Zzzap more than Art Attack, I'm afraid.

Aaaah, The Riddlers!
Feaky puppets guaranteed to scare the living shizzle out of your children and a tripped out folk-rock theme tune. Awesome.

Looking at that list, its going to blow the crap thats on CITV now, out of the water. Imagine if a few of the audience are new viewers and see those shows and then tune in again to watch more, to find them gone and only the junk thats on now. What a let down for them.

It will also go on to prove to the rest of the people watching that modern Tv is now 99% rubbish and one or two good programs instead of the other way around as it was then.

For all the fact that the world has moved on, technology has improved and so forth, Television seems to have gone backwards.

I wonder if they could get the BBC to do something similar. Watch Blue Peter from 1970s/80s and its 3 inteligent, literate people presenting a thoughful fact filled program that anyone could watch and it was so popular it was on twice a week. Watch Blue Peter now, and its some politically correct left wing idiots, that talk like they are 12 years old and look like they have wandered in from a University Rag week, presenting a stupid dumbed down shallow show thats a shadow of its former self. And its now only on once a week because they have made it so bad that no one watches anymore.

Thats progress for you. Just think, the BBC could show Grange Hill from the 80s, Moonfleet etc...it would give the kids a real shock to show how little is done for them on Tv now and how good things used to be...

I can't wait to watch Mike & Angelo which was my favourite childrens show, like ah! and Zzzap should be on the list it was amazing

This is the ideal place to invoke Sturgeon's Law without having to provide a footnote (or Wiki link).

25 minutes of Dangermouse? David Jason's inter-episode cliffhanger narrations were the best part! Shortchanged yet again...

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