Chuck season 3: terrific casting news

News Simon Brew
18 Jan 2010 - 06:11

There’s inevitably a spoiler within about a character who’s returning to Chuck later on in season three. It’s a great spoiler, though…

It's been great seeing Chuck back on our screens this past week, and equally impressive seeing that the show's ratings are back on the up. Granted, the first three episodes of season three weren't Chuck at its absolute finest, but this writer, at least, has geekbumps of size come the Rocky ending of the first episode.

Much of the episodes thus far have been about putting Chuck's new powers and relationship into some kind of workable context for the rest of the season (and I wonder if they've made a mistake making Chuck so powerful - thus far, there's not been a threat that he doesn't have to do a quick delve into the intersect data to resolve). But a sure-fire indicator of what's to come has arrived with a new piece of casting news posted over at Entertainment Weekly.

For coming back to Chuck later on in season three is none other than Scott Bakula. Bakula, as you might remember, played Chuck's dad in the last season, and he's now signed up again for several episodes. This will be for the back end of season three, and EW quotes Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz as saying that the story involving Bakula's return is "the biggest thing we've ever done on the show".

Good, good....


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