Chuck season 3: new promotional clips

News Simon Brew
30 Nov 2009 - 07:47

Videos! Of Chuck season 3! And we've only got just over a month until the show returns...

There's - really - just over a month to go before we get the return of the show that we feared was gone forever. After the second season concluded, it was suspected that Chuck was set for the axe, and yet, basically, in stepped Subway to stump up substantive sponsorship money, and season three got its commission. We've been eating nothing but Subway subs since that moment. Not our wisest strategy, granted, but you have to show these people your appreciation somehow.

Chuck, then, is definitely returning for 19 more episodes, kicking off on January 10th 2010 in the US. And NBC has begun putting out promotional spots for the return of the show. Such as the two brand new ones you see here.

We think we're as excited about the return of Chuck as it's possible to be. And with Christmas approaching, we'll be digging out that Die Hard episode from season two to get firmly in the Yuletide spirit. Anyroad, here are those clips...

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