Chuck season 3 gets extra episodes!

News Simon Brew
29 Oct 2009 - 07:01

NBC ups the season 3 episode order for Chuck from 13 to 19 episodes. Really.

Just a week ago, we were bringing together everything we knew about Chuck season three (which you can read here), with one of the inclusions in our round-up being that the third season of the show was currently set for 13 episodes, with the hope that more would be ordered.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, more have been ordered.

This joyous news has been revealed by NBC, and it takes the episode count for season three from 13 to 19. This is without a single episode of season three being shown, or any ratings figures calculated. It's also one of the single finest pieces of news we've had the pleasure of reporting in some time, especially when you consider how close Chuck came to getting the axe earlier this year.

The show has been the unexpected beneficiary of NBC's decision to axe the show Southland, and that's also meant that some fresh scheduling work is going ahead. We understand that while the original plan was for Chuck season three to get going next March, its premiere date has now been brought forward to January instead.

Variety has the full story here. And we now have big grins on our faces.

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