Save Caprica campaign launches

News Simon Brew
4 Nov 2010 - 07:05
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Can Syfy be persuaded to give Caprica a second bite of the cherry? A campaign has sprung up to try and save the Battlestar Galactica prequel…

There's been a mixture of reaction to Syfy's announcement that it's killed off its Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, before its first season has finished broadcasting. And with the remaining episodes shuffled to some anonymous part of 2011 for transmission, Syfy is instead focussing its energies on a new, presumably more action-packed BSG prequel, Blood & Chrome.

However, as is now traditional when such a genre show is cancelled, the campaign to save it has begun. This all stems back to when the show Jericho was granted a second season, after fans bombarded CBS with peanuts, eventually persuading the network to give it a second shot. Yet, what CBS discovered was that a fan campaign doesn't equal great ratings, and thus the second season of Jericho didn't bring in the numbers either. Hence, no campaign since has worked (although we did wonder if Veronica Mars may have won a reprieve at one point, but sadly not).

With Caprica, a similar tactic is nonetheless being deployed. This time, fans are being urged to send apples to Syfy's offices in the States. Unlike peanuts, too, apples have a habit of going off, and thus Syfy would presumably have to deal with them quite quickly, to avoid having quite a niffy post room.

You can find more details of the campaign at the Save Caprica blog right here.

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