Caprica not returning until 2011

News Simon Brew
22 Jul 2010 - 07:15
Caprica. Coming in 2010.

SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica isn’t going to be back on our screens until January, it’s been confirmed.

SyFy has announced that the second half of the maiden season of Caprica isn't coming to our screens until January of next year. Thus far, we've had 10 episodes of the Battlestar Galactica spin-off, and it's been about the densest TV drama of the year.

This is the show, after all, that was requiring a two minute recap at the start of episodes when it was but a few weeks old.

Plus it's a show that's struggled to find its feet. I've sat through every episode, and do concur with the general feeling that it's laying down so many foundations for the future that it kind of forgot to put in enough immediate storytelling to keep the individual episodes as interesting as possible.

That said, there's still plenty of potential waiting to be tapped, and when Caprica was good, it really was very good, indeed. And we are being promised some pay-off to the work done in the show's first run earlier this year.

We should be getting a trailer for Caprica season 1.5 in the next couple of days, and we'll fire it your way...

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