Californication's 7th season to be its last

News Louisa Mellor
10 Dec 2013 - 07:15

Showtime comedy starring David Duchovny, Californication, is ending after its seventh season...

We bang this drum each time a show that's survived into multiple seasons is reported as being cancelled, but it's a point perhaps worth making. Staying on air for seven seasons is no mean feat, and any drama or comedy that's managed to do so deserves a Viking funeral instead of the ignominy of being labelled 'axed' when its time finally comes. Being 'axed' after 70-odd episodes? All shows should be so lucky.

Despite an enduring love of David Duchovny thanks to Chris Carter and a string of Thursday nights spent watching BBC Two in the mid-nineties, we've not covered the David Duchovny-starring Californication on this site, but wish him, his co-stars, and the Californication crew all the best.

Californication's seventh and final series will air in April 2014 on Showtime in the US.

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