"Never say never": Bryan Cranston on Walter White return

News Louisa Mellor 30 May 2014 - 07:35

Speaking to CNN, Bryan Cranston hasn't ruled out the possibility of Breaking Bad's Walter White returning to the screen. Major spoilers...

Warning: contains a major spoiler for the Breaking Bad finale.

Either Bryan Cranston is an Olympic-class tease, or the Breaking Bad actor has genuinely shed some doubt on whether his character, Walter White, survived the show's season five finale. Though all narrative logic points towards Walter White having died in the show's final scene, let's entertain the possibility raised by Cranston in a recent CNN interview that White may have lived to cook another day.

Speaking to newscaster Ashleigh Banfield, Cranston was asked "I wasn't so sure that you died. I really wasn't. Your eyes were open and I thought, what if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out and just goes nuts?" To which Cranston replied, "Yeah, you never saw a bag zip up or anything." 

"Is he dead?" Banfield continued, to which Cranston shrugged and gave a coy "I don't know". "No movie, no nothing, no Walter White ever again?" Banfield pressed him, eliciting a series of prevaricating noises from Cranston followed by a grinning "Never say never, let's just say that".

There we have it. Is Bryan Cranston playing us all, or could there be something to his refusal to definitively put the role of his career in a body bag? We already know there's been talk of Cranston guest-appearing in Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, so perhaps that's what was on his mind...

The Wrap / CNN

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As much as I love Breaking Bad I think they should keep the idea of White kicking the bucket at the end. Leave the series on a high note. When you have too much of something it becomes less appealing.
We've already got the 'Just Call Sol' to look forward to anyway.

Cranston: "Hook, line and sinker."

Spoilers!!! :o(

Erm, no... No, Walter's dead. I feel like the ending made that perfectly clear... Unless, just after it cut to the credits he regenerated into Christopher Eccleston, and the entire show was actually one hugely ambitious 5-year Doctor Who prequel spinoff...

Which I'm sure we'd all agree would be the single greatest thing to ever happen on a tv screen. :P

not really the article kinda suggest everything anyways


No need to bring him back, leave it as it is, perhaps the best tv series in history, one day will be considered a classic

I was thinking Quantum Leap, as Walter "Sam Becket" White jumps out of his blue meth maker body (after saving Jesse's life in this timeline), and leaps into the next body: Tony Soprano sitting in a cafe.

"Oh boy."

series seems dated already. They should
reboot it with Sam Jackson as Walter White and make it more “street”. Ellen Page would be a great Jessie and
Cranston could have a cameo as a teacher.
Breaking Bad the Movie? Now that is interesting..

don't do it, gona ruin the shows legacy if they start messing around with it now, leave as is, was brilliant, don't need any more

As much as I'd like more adventures with Walter, the series was PERFECT pretty much the entire way through, or as close to perfect as you can get.
I think it would be playing with fire to continue Walt's character just in case you mess it up.
I'm fine with Better Call Saul, because it seems separate enough that it won't effect the main show's legacy.

Lol, if that means we get to see the Quantum Leap theme play over The Sopranos opening titles then I'm totally up for that!

Guess I be on Final Cut Pro this weekend! :-)

I suspect that its just Cranston playing around a little. He seems a good humoured sort of chap so I suspect its just good natured joshing knowing the various media outlets would use it.

No, just no.


...and the song "Baby Blue" - so perfect.

Maybe have Will Smith as Walt, and Jaden as Jesse? Mickey Rourke as Saul or course.

I get the feeling Cranston was just teasing, and a jokey remark has been blown completely out of proportion. We may see a cameo in Better Call Saul (it is a prequel, after all), which is plenty. Walter's death was a perfect ending to an incredible TV show - don't spoil it.

Already a classic!

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