David Tennant returning to Broadchurch series 2

News Louisa Mellor 18 Mar 2014 - 06:58

David Tennant's Broadchurch co-star Jodie Whittaker suggests the actor will be back for series 2...

"Broadchurch will return" was the caption viewers were left with at the end of last year's hugely popular ITV drama, and return it will. Who, though, will be in the lead roles?

Olivia Colman, who played the devestating part of detective Ellie Miller aka the best thing in an orange cagoule ever to happen to UK crime drama, has long been confirmed as returning for the second run. Will her co-lead, David Tennant, be joining her?

Yes, according to Jodie Whittaker, who gave a standout performance as grieving mother Beth Latimer in the first series. Speaking to Cultbox, Whittaker said, "I know Olivia [Colman] and David [Tennant] are back, but [the producers] haven’t told us anything. They don’t want us to know anything so that we can’t spoil it if we are back”.

The extent of Tennant's return, if we can take Whittaker's words as confirmation, is yet to be determined. Creator and writer Chris Chibnall previously told the Radio times that the character, whose heart condition left him barely hanging on at the end of the first series, would be hard pressed to fight crime in his current state of health, saying "I don't see how you come back". Tennant is of course, currently busy playing DI Alec Hardy in US remake, Gracepoint, alongside Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn.


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Wow, I don't watch 'Broadchurch' - haven't got around to it yet - but I tought it was a given that Tennant would be returning not only in this UK series 2 but also in the American remake/sidequel/companion piece/whatever?

FANTASTIC NEWS!! I love Broadchurch. I voted it best drama series of 2013 in some poll and I'm utterly thrilled David Tennant will be back. I think in Broadchurch he gave his best performance yet. What I don't see is how he can be back after the end of season 1. As he said himself (minor spoiler) "I'm done for". But maybe the shortages in policemen are so staggering they even allow half dead, completely stressed out policemen to stay as long as they don't promise to die on the job.

You have to. I mean...you really have to. Broadchurch is imo the best British tv-series thus far. It's about the same level of quality as the original The Killing but still manages to not be a rip off of that show. It's a tense, utterly engrossing and deeply human drama full of rich characters, excellent dialogues, amazing wideshots, and edge of your seat suspense. A must watch for everyone who enjoys drama.

"The producers haven't told us anything. They don't want us to know anything so that we can't spoil it."

And this is why ;-)

It's a gripping watch, the production team did great work but it didn't end well enough to sell it to people like that.

It's well worth a watch, I'm not sure it's a formula that can continue on to multiple seasons. Give it a go, but keep expectations in check.

Very ambivalent about Broadchurch tbh. Really don't rate Chris Chibnall as a writer. His episodes of Doctor Who and Life on Mars are some of the most disappointing, Workman-like at best with rather laboured weak jokes and an inappropriate level of innuendo. To be fair, he's done well with Broadchurch though I just don't think the series is THAT great as a whole. Just seems an above average ITV drama which word of mouth has garlanded. Lets be clear, Breaking Bad it 'aint.

Hope so, not the same without David

I'm a bit reluctant, because I actually didn't like 'The Killing'. I tried and it's not because it's not in English, I just didn't like it. I've also tried 'The Bridge' and 'Those Who Kill', but, I don't know, it's just not my cup of tea. So is Broadchurch different?

It definitely isn't it. Breaking Bad is fun but not great. Broachurch is beyond fantastic. Different tastes eh.

Yes and no. Broadchurch is a bit different from The Bridge and very different from Those who Kill which in my opinion is not a good show. It's mostly similar to The Killing in that it views an investigation into a murder from several perspectives over the course of an entire season. But where it differs from The Killing is that The Killing places the case in a wider prospect by including politics and providing a hell of a lot of social commentary. Broadchurch on the other hand mostly focusses on it's individual characters and how they cope with the murder. It also very much focusses on the working and secrets of a small, tight knit community. So it's a bit more modest in scope and more heavy on the emotional side. If you enjoyed watching the Birk Larsens side of the story in The Killing then you'll love Broadchurch. However if you were more into Troels's endeavours and thought all this nonsense around Nana's death was a bit overly soppy then Broadchurch probably isn't for you and you're better of watching House of Cards with Ian Richardson. Another great British drama series.

I love how an off hand comment by someone, admitting herself not really involve with the next season (not included this article by the way), as confirmation. And then report by another site as headline news. At least you have the decency to say that it is not yet confirm in your LAST paragraph in the article.

Just watched all of Broadchurch the other night, it had me completely hooked, hit me right in the feels. Not sure how to feel about the remake, the original is already in english so I don't see the point but I will wait to see how it is received and maybe watch it at some point. I have been on a depressing detective story roll, Forbrydelsen, True Detective, Broadchurch, next up is The Fall and Broen (The Bridge).

So it would seem. Then again how dull would these comments threads be if we all agreed on things?

Thanks for the intel, I will have a better look at it!

Both are amazing imo. The Bridge has some of the best characters I've ever seen and very tight plotting and The Fall is just so atmosperic and so tense and very psychological. I should warn you though the end of season 1 is very sudden and doesn't provide closure in any way. It's like they planned to have 10 episodes but halfway through production ran out of budget so decided to cut the season in half. But don't worry. Season 2 is already in production so the story will be continued.

I totally agree with you on that one.

Does anybody know when it's back on for sure?

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