Breaking Bad's last two episodes to be 75 minutes each

News Simon Brew 19 Sep 2013 - 07:18

The final two episodes Breaking Bad are to be extended, it's been confirmed...

If you're one of the many who got to the end of the last episode of Breaking Bad with your jaw in unnatural proximity to the floor, not least because you're wondering how everything can be wrapped up now in just a couple of regular length episodes, then this is for you.

It's been revealed that the final two episodes of Breaking Bad ever are going to be extended ones. Instead of the usual 47 minutes or so (once the ads have been chopped off), the last two episodes have been extended. They'll run to 75 minutes apiece, although given that that'll include commercials, closer to an hour of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's adventures is more likely.

Nonetheless, any extra Breaking Bad is good with us. It's going to leave a very big gap in our viewing once it's finally finished...

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[Anakin] Yippeee! [/Anakin]

its just a shame they're not being shown back to back. 3 hours of BB would be incredible

That is some "Tight, tight, tight!" news!

True that.

Now THIS is meth cooking!

You need only wait a week for that experience :P


respect the chemistry bitches

I Accept That

Great news. I'm sad it's nearly over, but I definitely think it's the right time to go. I have faith in Vince knowing when to end it. It's great to have that rarity of a show that gets better and better with every single season, reaching its absolute best for the final episodes (so far, at least).

I'll try barrel rolling, that's a good trick!

I just watched Granite State on Netflix and that was only 50 minutes. Don't tell me they edited it for international audiences.

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