Breaking Bad complete Blu-Ray set details

News Louisa Mellor 10 Sep 2013 - 08:20

Seasons 1-5 of Breaking Bad, 55 hours of special features, and memorabilia, that's what's in this complete Breaking Bad Blu-Ray barrel...

Breaking Bad is a series unlike any other, so it's fitting that its complete Blu-Ray set is similarly off-piste. Less a box-set than a barrel, this 16-disc bundle of Breaking Bad goodies not only contains seasons one to five of Vince Gilligan's superb drama plus hour upon hour of special features, but also commemorative memorabilia in the form of a handy barrel in which to stash your cash out in the desert, a Los Pollos Hermanos apron (the only way to barbeque next summer), a 16-page booklet, and - we're not entirely sure what this is but we know we want one - a "challenge coin designed by Vince Gilligan".

The Blu-Ray set comes out just in time for Christmas (other religious festivals are available) on the 26th of November in the US (details of a UK release haven't yet confirmed). Who could fail to be delighted at the sight of that characteristic shape wrapped up under the tree?


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Breaking Bad Pogs!


If you wanna keep your Blu-Ray set safe, bury it in the desert and keep the GPS location on a lottery ticket. ;)

Sweet. I hope this hits the UK as well.

Spoiler... not that safe

Remeber Pogs? There're back , in ALF form

Shut up and take my money!

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