Breaking Bad season 5 Blood Money review round-up

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12 Aug 2013 - 07:40

Here's what US critics are saying about last night's brand new episode of Breaking Bad: Blood Money...

We'll be bringing you our own extensive thoughts on Breaking Bad's season five part two premiere, Blood Money, tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, here's what stateside critics have to say about last night's triumphant return of Walt and Jesse...

"What makes the episode — directed, like the season two and three premieres, by Bryan Cranston himself — so impressive is that it never feels like it's racing to catch up. An awful lot of things happen, but they happen at the same measured pace that makes Breaking Bad great." - Alan Sepinwall, Hitfix.

"If you were worried that the final run of Breaking Bad episodes would be lackadaisical in ramping up the drama and advancing the story as the finale approached: well, you can stop worrying. The return, Blood Money, meant business." James Poniewozic, Time

"It’s a testament to Breaking Bad‘s taught storytelling that Blood Money did not drag out the confrontation between Hank and Walt into the series’ final scene [...] But then it was strangely anti-climactic, because as much as this has mattered for every moment since the show began, the actual conversation was not as explosive as one might have predicted." - Allison Keene, Collider

"...just when you think that everything’s set up for the inevitable confrontation, the show turns down the burner and takes its own sweet time, making you wait episode after episode for the payoff. That kind of freedom in the way story is advanced and revealed seems to me to be one of Breaking Bad’s key elements of genius. So you can imagine my delight at the way “Blood Money” depicts the aftermath of Hank’s epiphany. Just as we’re settling back to enjoy a few episodes of cat-and-mouse as Hank pieces together the clues and Walt bumbles along in blissful ignorance, Gilligan closes the garage door, punches Walter’s bullshit lies right in the kisser, and brings us to a skidding halt at the brink of Hank’s existential choice." - Donna Bowman, The AV Club

"Blood Money was a reassuring hour for those who were wondering whether or not the show is going to stick the landing. The biggest indication that Breaking Bad is not messing around came at the end of Blood Money, when we had that intense confrontation between Hank and Walt. It almost goes without saying that the performances were stellar, and every moment of that sequence gave Dean Norris yet another moment to shine." - Maureen Ryan, Huffington Post.

"...a terrific, tense episode directed by Cranston and written by Peter Gould that holds up to some astronomically high expectations." Allison Willmore, Indiewire

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