Lego Breaking Bad launch trailer

Viral Video Aaron Birch
2 May 2013 - 07:34

The boys from Breaking Bad get the construction toy treatment in this trailer for Lego Breaking Bad...

Oh, okay then, it's not an actual launch trailer, but this fan-made Lego Breaking Bad video certainly gives the Lego video game range a new direction, and fans of the hugely popular TV series will no doubt have a chuckle or two, as it recreates a couple of major scenes from the meth-cooking drama.

The video parodies the show in the form of an Xbox version of the long-running Lego series from Traveller's Tales, complete with character select, onscreen button prompts and even achievements.

It's a great little video, which we just had to share with you here, so have a look as you await Breaking Bad's return in August.

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