Breaking Bad season 5 return date confirmed

News Louisa Mellor 18 Apr 2013 - 08:17

The final episodes of AMC's superlative drama Breaking Bad will return on Sunday the 11th of August...

There's something fitting about the final eight episodes of AMC's New Mexico-set Breaking Bad airing in the muggy, sweltering, intensive heat of summer. The days will be hotting up as the story does, with Walter White returning on Sunday the 11th of August to prepare for his final bow.

Following the success of AMC's Talking Dead post-episode analysis chat show, the network has announced plans to run Breaking Bad's own version, Talking Bad, in which an as-yet unnamed host, cast and crew from the show, and celebrity guests will debate the issues of the final eight episodes.


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Can't wait the only problem is we'll probably have to wait of the run to finish before it appears in Netflix. Either that or watch it online in illegal grain-o-vision.

Uggghh. Why so long of a wait?! I can't take it! I have a feeling we're in for an incredible ride for these final 8 episodes!!

Torrent it in HD..then if you feel bad you can buy the DVD when it comes out

Best show on TV! Can't wait

Thought about it. I'm just averse about downloading stuff from dodgy websites onto my pristine computer...

Or buy the dvds. They aren't expensive and they are worth it. Don't be cheap.

Is there any chance of them putting each episode up on Netflix as soon as it airs in the US? Or, even better, cant someone like the BBC buy the rights to air it in this country?

Exactly what I do. Can't wait!!

I torrent then buy, I'm not sure if it's against DoG's or anything, but I suggest eztv if you're worried. The community screens the files before they're even put up on the site.

Yeah I always use eztv and I haven't had a bad file yet

Buying a DVD of Breaking Bad before they air in the UK or netflix let alone release a DVD may be a tad hard.

download on itunes and watch as they air

eztv is both clean and amazing.

Agreed. That's why a lot of the UK are forced to download USA episodes. Otherwise we have to wait 6 months + for most things, which is quicker than getting the DVD imported.

The gulf between the USA and UK for entertainment is ridiculous and needs to be revised.

Yay! On my birthday too!

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