AMC considering Breaking Bad spin-off

News Louisa Mellor 10 Apr 2013 - 19:09

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are reported to be working on a potential spin-off series for Breaking Bad's sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman...

It's very early days on this one, but of enough interest to discuss even at this zygotic phase. It's being reported that Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are collaborating on a potential spin-off series to keep them busy after this year's season finale. The angle? A closer look at comic-relief, slippery lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

Speaking very much in the hypothetical last July, Gilligan told reporters, "I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He’ll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun". AMC seems to agree with him, as the network is reported to be mulling over a potential spin-off with a comedic bent.

Many, of course, are still holding out hope for a Breaking Bad movie to continue the franchise after the show's final sign-off later this year, something that hasn't been definitively ruled out by the powers that be. Whether it's a movie, spin-off, or official set of commemorative plates..., we're going to need something to fill the Walter White-shaped hole in the TV schedules, and soon. Could a Saul Goodman vehicle be the answer?


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I would love them to just end the Breaking Bad story with the end of the series (I have no reason to expect they wont) but if they absolutely postively had to a spin off then a show about Saul could be great, although I think his character is great in small doses.

Hey, it's all good, man...

I would agree but I am certain that is probably what people said about the character of Fraser in Cheers. Bottom line, the success/quality of any spinoff will come down to how well it is written. And in that department you really have to give these guys the benefit of the doubt - if they decide to go with this I would hope it is because they are confident they can make it brilliant

Well, at least we know who Mr. White won't be aiming that machine gun at later this year

You know why Pirates of the Caribbean 4 didn't work? It's because the ditsy, silly, crazy-person-who-is-actually-quite-good-at-their-job comic relief character can NOT be the lead.

I know a lot of people won't like hearing this, but I'm sorry, it's true. Saul is awesome. As a sidekick.

This is great news. I love Saul....what a wonderful sleaze! I believe this is the only character that they could do a spinoff about without destroying the integrity of BB! This has the potential to be a seriously dark dark comedy...almost disturbingly so.

Agreed....the track record of the writing so far is brilliant! One of the most consistently greatly-written series of all time IMO.

I was kinda hoping for a spin-off called "Skinny Pete Investigates"

Bob odenkirk without David cross, to me, is like mashed potatoes without gravy. Sure it's good, but you miss the gravy.

I couldn't agree more. Saul is essentially the over the top comic relief character. He's amazing when complimenting the leads but you just can't make him a lead without fundamentally changing the character.

Someone above referenced Frasier. Sure, that series was a huge success, but the Frasier you meet in Cheers vs the one in his own series are remarkable different, and only share similarities on a superficial level.

or a Twaughthammer rockumentary?

I think Breaking Bad should end this series. With absolute finality. You don't get a lot of that in TV these days and a show this good deserves a proper, solid, final ending. A Saul prequel is something I could get on board with, but I don't want the main series continued beyond what we've got clearly ahead of us. Walt deserves a complete, planned-out arc. Not a half-improvised cop-out.

I agree 100%

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