Microsoft TV producer denies Blake's 7 Xbox rumours

News Andrew Blair
27 Aug 2013 - 06:52
Terry Nation's Blake's 7

There's nothing to the rumours that the Blake's 7 reboot is coming to Xbox according to Microsoft's Kate Barnes...

As reported previously, there have been rumours that Georgeville and Syfy's planned Blake's 7 reboot has found a home with Xbox, amidst Microsoft's plans to broadcast exclusive original content via Xbox Live.

At the Edinburgh TV Festival, during a talk about new programme platforms, Kate Barnes was present in her capacity as Executive Producer at Microsoft's EMEA TV. Den of Geek asked her directly about Blake's 7. She had this to say:

"I think the rumours took on a lot of speed because sci-fi is obviously something at the heart of Xbox, but no, there's nothing to that."

Apparently no programming has been confirmed bar the already announced Halo TV series which was described as having obvious appeal as the console's biggest franchise. 

The core demographic mentioned at the TV Festival was aimed at 16 - 35 year olds, with potential projects not limited by genre, and programmes could have interactive content to appeal to gamers. While Blake's 7 is something that would appeal to those ages, many fans of the original fall outside that target audience. It does seem unlikely that Xbox would risk irking a potential audience who might not have a console with which to view the reboot. 

Den of Geek's wishlist for the Blake's 7 reboot – whatever platform it arrives on - can be found here.

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