Syfy developing the Blake's 7 reboot

News Louisa Mellor 22 Aug 2012 - 07:00

The Blake’s 7 remake is one step closer to existing, thanks to cable network Syfy, which is developing the reboot…

Around a month ago, we heard that the latest in a number of attempts to bring Terry Nation’s cult UK sci-fi back to the small screen had inched forward, with a collaboration between Casino Royale and Green Lantern director Martin Campbell, and US TV studio Georgeville.

Now things have moved another step closer, as cable network Syfy has snapped up a script-to-series commitment for the reboot, meaning that if they’re keen on Joe Pokaski’s script, they’ll order a 13-episode run.

The last time the Blake's 7 reboot was raised on the site, we had the distinct impression that many of you weren’t keen to see a US-produced take on Nation’s renegade space fugitives. Does Syfy stepping on board go any way to quell concerns about the proposed new flight of the Liberator?


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The same people who make movies like "Megapython vs. Gatoroid? That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Blakes7 is just a po-faced Firefly. Bring back Firefly, add in Servalan, and that would win the internet.

If they did similar to Battlestar it could be interesting.

I see the main issue as can anyone hope to make a new B7 30 years later- B7 as we knew it because that's what fans want. The related issue being it being a US production. I'm very happy that it's being attempted but pessimistic it can be anything other than "inspired" by the original. Witness the remakes of Battlestar Galactica and even Dallas. Very good but pretty unrecognisable from the originals. It might be very good in its own right but it's pretty difficult to capture what the orignal had, particularly with so much of its success being down to the cast. That said, modern Doctor Who is pretty similar to the original, albeit dumbed down in its style (fake excitement sought to be portrayed by far more running around and the Doctor explaining plot points/talking generally at 100 mph and being overly manic).

Given SyFy's tendency to cancel stuff at short notice, I'll give this one season. If audience figures are reasonable - two, tops.

And they followed it up with Caprica which was ultimately cancelled after the second series started airing. Stargate Universe was met with a similar ending. Perhaps Battlestar is a fluke.

It's all about the technology (VFX/post-production, cameras, etc). Unless the story and characters change radically and present themselves something very different to the original, technology. And technology is not the be all and end all to a good show.

I'd like to see a reboot of Blake's 7, but I hope it turns out better than The Prisoner miniseries. That was really bad compared to the original.

What he said.

Please..... *DO NOT* make Avon a woman and give him/her a love interest with Blake :(

If anyone has heard the B7 Productions audio reboot you can see that a reboot is possible and able to keep the dynamic and tone of the original while reimagining the political context and motivations of individual characters. Those were written by British scifi writers who 'get' the series, why it worked and was so influential. That said the 'Britishness' of B7 is not as overt as say Doctor Who, so frankly an international reboot should work fine as the basic story is hard to screw with. The difficulty is in making it watchable and not doing a Falling Skies or a V on it (chucking everything in to a story and forgetting about the characters).

Worst comment ever.
And is it me or is there something detestable about people who use the word po-faced? Firefly and Blake's 7 are very different scenarios, Firefly was (until toward the end) flying without a moral compass.
And I hate to point out the obvious but Blake's 7 came first and had a more interesting premise (even if I do prefer the characterisation, especially of the women, in Firefly), it also had a far far superior opening episode, so if they stick closely to the source material I'm looking forward to that greatly..

well, my parents liked this show enough to name me after a character, so colour me interested. It'd be nice to see what all this lark is about without having to fork out loads for a boxset.

Oh Lord, I hadn't even thought of such changes. But given Lucy Liu playing Watson and (the admittedly good) female Starbuck in BSG, wouldn't be a surprise. Raises a question- will the new actors be playing the original or a new crew and villain?

The best thing that will come out of this, is that they're likely to finally release DVD's of the original series in the U.S.

hahahahaha, he, haha, he....

Don't say that out loud. . .they'll hear you.

Well, my hope for this project just died.

Actually, it's a splendid idea. The Firefly crew and ship are so far out of Servalan's league that they would be found and killed by her in one episode instead of 52, sparing us a lot of Jeff Foxworthy inspired Rednecks in Space. And precluding the spinoff: Buffy the Dalek Slayer.

Most likely there will be a great first season, barely short of perfect. And just as the show is at its most popular with viewers and critics alike, Siffy will cancel it to make room for some schlock as they always do.

agreed. SyFy's track record isnt one that can be trusted.

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