Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds in development at Starz

News Louisa Mellor
7 May 2014 - 06:42

Chuck Wendig's urban fantasy novel Blackbirds is being adapted for television at Starz...

The announcement came yesterday as a side note of sorts to the Da Vinci's Demons season three renewal: new showrunner John Shiban (Breaking BadThe X-Files) had also set up a writers' room for a side project, a TV adaptation of Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds.

The first of Wendig's trilogy of Miriam Black novels (the series continues with Mockingbird and this year's The Cormorant), Blackbirds tells the story of a young woman who sees people's deaths when she touches them.

It's dark, thriller-y stuff with a mordant wit and no small amount of cynicism and bad language. Should Blackbirds make it to series, will its transition to TV work? More than many others, this adaptation rests on getting one character right: recreate Miriam without diluting her, and Starz could have a hell of a series and a hell of a modern heroine on their hands.


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