Jonathan Banks joins Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul

News Louisa Mellor 28 Jan 2014 - 07:49

Mike Ehrmantraut is coming back to TV, on Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul...

Another Breaking Bad alumnus is confirmed to be joining forthcoming spin-off Better Call Saul. Jonathan Banks, the actor behind Philly police-officer-turned-enforcer-PI-fixer Mike Ehrmantraut has signed up to be a regular on the new series.

Banks joins Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman in the comedy drama that follows the sleazy lawyer's pre-Breaking Bad days. Creator Vince Gilligan hasn't ruled out cameo appearances from Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston in the new series, and has hinted that another cast member, Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring) may also show his face.

Better Call Saul is due on AMC this November in the US. Breaking Bad fans, mark your diaries accordingly.


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Mike is a worthy addition but, while I adore Breaking Bad, I think Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston need to stay well away from this. Let this exist as its own thing rather than being reverential to the parent series.

But we know it's inevitable, it's too big a draw. Some chance but forgettable encounter between them in a convenience store/gas station/restroom, which in some way foreshadows Walter's dark future with a clever line.

Pointless, unnecessary, and we'll probably all watch it and talk about it afterwards.

"Mike Ehrmantraut is coming back to TV"
You know he's a regular on Community this season too?

Agreed. Would like to see Gus back, Walter and Jesse not so much. No need for them to be in it unless its in the background, no speaking, I mean I'm sure the various characters would have occupied the same space in ABQ at one point or another whilst going about their daily lives.

That would be Jonathan Banks, the actor. Mike, the character, has not been on TV since his last appearance on Breaking Bad.


I really hope that if they gave Paul and Cranston cameos, it would be blink and you miss it parts. It needs to be able to stand on it's on two feet. It will have a built in audience to begin with but needs to show it isn't a cash grab but a nice addition to the Breaking Bad universe.

Agreed, unless as Tonya says it is something very small, like Walter cleaning Saul or Mike's car at the car wash. No dialogue, except perhaps Walter being paid a tip and saying thanks. As much as I love Walt and Jesse, there part of the story has already been told.

While this is great news I can't help but worry about season 6 of community, which if it does go ahead will be missing another cast member (unless recurring on both shows)

Yes, it would be nice but, well, that's it really. It wouldn't serve any purpose beyond a "squee" momemt...and it wouldn't give the actors anything substantial to do.

Alternatively, they could have Walter and Jesse play huge roles in the series and then have Gus appear in the last episode and order Mike to wipe their memories. You know; prequel logic.

I think they can make it work. Possible the greatest spinoff series ever - Fraser had a number of guests stars from the previous show Cheers and they were usually very entertaining. Angel also managed Buffy characters appearing in the show but still keeping its own darker feel. I get where you're coming from but I think as long as Paul and Cranston don't over shadow things and heighten the story telling rather than drag it down then it should work.

The rise of Gustavo Fring would be a fantastic thing to watch!

Definitely one of my favorite characters.

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