See what happens after the Being Human series 5 finale here

News Louisa Mellor 15 Apr 2013 - 20:20

Being Human's Toby Whithouse promised us an extra scene explaining what happened after the series five finale, and here it is...

Warning: contains Being Human finale spoilers.

Remember all that 'were they or were they not in a dream world' business from the Being Human finale? Er, this DVD extra scene pretty much clears up the ambiguity...

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It's a deleted scene and it was deleted for a reason. I get it. They're making the end to their series and they have to explore all outcomes. This is just another possible outcome. It's not canon.

I liked it though... made me wish there was more Being Human. I do still have my fingers crossed for a special at some point, with all of the two casts.

Its a deleted scene because they werent going to continue with the series so we got the other ending instead of this one. If the series did continue we would have gotten this ending instead. Im glad they did it, it makes sense of the ending and how they wanted it to end.

Further proof that the ending of Being Human is basically a carbon copy of the 'Better than Life' section of the first two red dwarf novels. Lister repetedly dropping his toast butter-side up = Hal pulling out the right cards.

Quite like that. The three of them standing together is a nice reference to the end of season three. Sure the ambiguity was a better way to end the show but if there had been another series that would have been the perfect pre-credits sequence.

The only reason Hatch was in the world with his destructive powers was because Hal had deliberately opened the channel to let Hatch through. (Remember the WW1 flashback at the start of S5?).

Hatch had come through damaged/diminished and so was not able to engage all his powers until Hal had enacted some shenanighans with a werewolf and a ghost.

Every step of the way towards Hatch's dominance was orchestrated by Hal, including the entire S4 removal of the Old Ones who may have been credible opposition.

Hal. A false-flagger for the devil.

And now, in the afterrmath bonus scene, he is acting to defuse Alex and Tom before they realise and start to take independent action that could undermine him.

Evil genius. What else could we expect from a vampire so respected by the Old Ones?

Okay, firstly it's not a deleted scene. It was made specifically for the DVD release, and never intended as part of the series. The fifth series was written in the full knowledge that it would be the last.

Secondly, I actually like it. It doesn't wreck any ambiguity, it just shows what might be. Giving more of a sense of hope to the negative ending, telling us that they would realise what had happened and return to save the world, leaves just as much to the imagination as the series ending itself - just in a different way. I was concerned it was going to reveal that it was the real world, and it would all be "happy ever after". That would have been poor, but as long as you view it for what it is (i.e. not as a definitive answer, but a possible extrapolation from the main story) this is great.

I love it. I didn't want the series to end... I'd prefer Being Humans to be like marvel comics and carry on forever. there's enough exciting writers out there, like doctor who they could keep it fresh by updating the cast every few seasons. Still i'd love to see more of this team just as I grew to love them so much. This would be the perfect setting for a more action-filled Movie to go out with a bang. Angry and determined they break out of Hell and return to face a world overun by Satans' minions. Armies of vamps, wolves, zombies, ghosts & whatever else they can throw into the mix. One glorious big finish!

Being Human - The Xmas Special! Aww come on! It had to be Satan's party trick... Tom was wearing a fitted suit!

Ohhhhh I see, so this is what would of been had the series of gone onto 6?

Please. Please broadcast this along with a series six. My withdrawal systems are getting to be on a par with Hals, if you catch my meaning.

I want this show to be renewed, and watch an Inception style, series 6, where they figure out a way to get out of there dream world

Yep Im sure thats what would have happened.

That extra scene has just completely ruined the ending of being human to me

I hate following series for years only to be left with ambiguity and cliff hangeers.

Astonishingly, I've only just found out about this scene! I like both endings and even this 'deleted' one is slightly ambiguous. It somewhat reminds me of the last scene in the final episode of "Angel"

PLEASE tell me that this means that there will now be a movie!!!!

Oh I love this. It was so obviously just a dream, and to have it properly confirmed is fantastic. Please make a movie or at least as sixth series. And thank you for this scene :)

I knew it was a dream! I knew it! Wow! That was a great scene! I'm really, really sad that they ended this show. I'd love a sixth season now more than ever.


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