Being Human series 5 to be its last

News Louisa Mellor 7 Feb 2013 - 09:29

It's official: Being Human is over. The current series of the supernatural BBC3 show is to be its last...

It's news that will come as little surprise to those who've been reading the signs, but sad tidings all the same: the current series of Being Human is to be the show's last. 

The news was confirmed by the BBC this morning in a statement that praised the show's "exceptional actors and storylines", adding philosophically that "all good things come to an end". Series five debuted last Sunday (our review here), and fans who've stayed the course will recognise that the story arc of the final six episodes is preparing for an apocalyptic climax. 

The BBC Being Human blog signed off the news with the consolation that Toby Whithouse wrote the current series in the knowledge that it would be the last, and so has penned a "truly climactic" ending for the Honolulu Heights gang.

"Over the next five weeks Hal, Tom and Alex will face the most fearsome adversary imaginable… the Devil. Is this a one-way ticket to the apocalypse? What sacrifices must be made to postpone Armageddon?

The father of all evil will rise. Captain Hatch is just itching to inflict chaos on mankind. With the Men In Grey out of action and Crumb running rampant, Hal, Tom and Alex have yet to fully comprehend the scale of the terror that awaits. Or the magnitude of running a seaside hotel.

The end has begun…"


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I did wonder where this could really go after the devil - you don't get much more BMF than old Nick himself. I've really liked the new cast and I think the five seasons are an excellent body of work.

Could this mean a second series for the fades?

Damn shame, i thought the new cast had some great chemistry.

Despite my love for Being Human, this was my first thought on hearing the news.

Everyone dies then...

damn shame lets hope the bean counters will bring back the fades now

I'm devastated.

It does raise the dramatic stakes a bit. Although in fairness most of the main characters are dead anyway, in one sense or another

:( Aw, not a surprise with the current arc, but still a shame they weren't able to give the new cast a series to settle in before rounding it off, they're really very good and I'd have liked to see more of them.

Good. It reminds me of when X-Files went a couple years without Mulder or Scully. Just put the damn thing out of its misery

Unfortunately,i don't think this news promises the possibility of The Fades returning considering it's lead actor is working for S.H.I.E.L.D now.I will really miss Being Human because horror has been very neglected by television producers in this country despite how commercially and critically successful it's been in cinema and every body involved in Being Humans production have done a fantastic job of getting a tonal balance between humour and horror and making quality drama. Generally,it's been way more consistant than Misfits.Goodbye Being Human.

Very true, but this time they'll be proper dead! That's Beelzebub for 'ya!

Frankly that saved the X-files for a bit, sure the stories were no better but the whole "I believe" "I don't believe" nonsense had killed the show longer before mulder left.

They already have died. Thats sorta the point of the show.

There's no way to follow a series involving the Devil. He is THEE bad guy. So anything after that would be silly. It has to end on this series so it's the correct choice.

Also, I have not enjoyed Being Human as much since George and Mitchell left. It all got a bit too serious after series 2 for my liking.

Doubtful with the lead attached to SHIELD :(

damn, didn't think of that :-(

'Put it out of its misery'? If you watched it, you'd know it's just as good without Mitchell, if not better. Some people are so narrow minded it's beyond belief.

If you didnt like it without Mitchell. It doesnt mean you're narrow minded, it just means you didn't enjoy it as much.

Nothing wrong with that. It's called

There's no need to be snarky. If you can read, you'll realise I'm referring to the fact that most people who say 'it's not the same without Mitchell' have quite happily pointed out, many times, that they haven't even watched since he left. I said 'if you watched it', as I am used to people saying that its not as good on the one hand then admitting they haven't seen it sans Mitchell on the other.

I know what an opinion is, thankee.

I gave up on the X-Files after the 5th season TBH, the arc shows were so far up there own backside it was impossible to follow or enjoy.

It was over for me at the end of series three, they should of ditched it then and given The fades a second series.

Does that free up funds for "Fades" series 2? we live in hope

"No need to be snarky" - you called someone narrow minded for not liking a show you like. You don't get to moralise. Plenty of people don't like the new version of the show, and not just because of the lack of Mitchell and most of the characters that we grew to love over the first few series. The move towards big, climactic story arcs is a real mistake in a show with so few episodes. Part of the charm of the show was how normal it all was - a look at how these creatures would actually fit into real life. I like the new characters, though the transition to them was shaky, but I'm bored of these big arcs, Old Ones, the Devil etc. One Supernatural is enough.

Agreed, which was why I like Dohgarts era, the writing wasn't great but the arc was left behind.

Had little time for series 3 but found 4 to be a return to form.

I put up a post on here about this yesterday, But it was taken down!

This is just typical of the BBC. It leaves only Doctor Who as the last show on the channel that is for the type of audience that comes onto Den of Geek, and likes shows that are inteligent, and not the usual Strictly Come Voicing Holby Enders style stuff they do.

There is nothing left. The reason for this is simple. They are annoyed about the government freezing the license fee. They wanted to increase it again, and by too much and they were stopped. So now they are on a crusade of cuts against shows, instead of doing what they should be doing, and thats cutting WASTE. They should have got rid of BBC3 and BBC4 and did not need to move to Manchester, which has cost millions. If they had not done this, then we might have had a full season of Doctor Who for the 50th year, and another series of the Fades and more Being Human etc.

But they want to carry on as normal and so lots of shows are suffering, Top Gear, Doctor Who and Being Human, no more Fades despite it winning awards...can you see a pattern here? All shows aimed at people who like something different. It STINKS.

I give up with the BBC. They just never get it right...they try though, but they dont listen. When they do try something different they end up producing utter rubbish like Outcasts. And it failed, so they give up again. On niche shows I mean. Stuff for Sci Fi fans etc. Even Ripper Street is just another Police/crime drama, just set in the Victorian Era.

I would like to point out, I am no longer a fan of Being Human, as I thought it had strayed to far away from what it was originally, two monsters and a ghost learning to live together and remain in touch with their humanity. But five seasons is good going, Blakes 7 only got four and thats was way more popular back in the 70s.

The BBC is just not a good home for this sort of thing. They dont have the money or the will to make it. Can you imagine them making things like Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus, Land of the Dead, 24, Game of Thrones, Stargate etc etc...

I am just amazed that Doctor Who is still on, and they are still making it, how much longer will it be before they come up with more excuses to cut it further or get rid of it? Despite the fact that its still popular and makes a lot of money.

Thats what REALLY annoys me about the BBC in general. They are happy for a niche/genre show to make money for them in merchandise / DvD / toy sales etc, but then dont make enough new episodes, or use the money to try other ideas.

So no more Merlin, Fades, Being Human, No more new Sci Fi shows like Blakes 7 or even Outcasts. And hello to another by the numbers filler like Robin Hood when the 3 Musketeers comes along (to be politically correct one of them will be a woman and one a muslim and one of them will be gay) and hello to less Doctor Who and hello to more the VOICE etc....

I stand by my comments on here and really wish I could escape from paying the damned fee, because it just does not give me, personally for what I want to watch, value for money.
If this post gets taken down, I will want to know WHY!

Why, though? I understand that sometimes, it's best to quit while you're ahead, but if that was the plan then why not finish it with Russell Aiden and Lenora? Why introduce a new trinity if this was the plan? It's hugely popular right now, too. The whole world has gotten involved with our Being Human, America especially. I usually agree with quitting while you're ahead, rather than dragging something along until it's dead, but this isn't one of those times, is it? Very disappointing.

I would like to watch some of the later episodes but I always have so much waiting to watch that I will probably never get round to it.

You make a lot of valid point but at least the BBC did try Outcasts, The Fades, Being Human, Life on Mars, Merlin, they still do produce Dr Who (which was a *big* gamble to bring back especially for a series of 13 episodes) compare that to ITV which has produced virtually no drama of any value for about 20 years.

It might be a bit thin at the moment but i'm sure there is plenty in the pipeline and away from sci-fi the BBC does produce a huge amount of real quality TV ATM, QI, New Tricks, Top Gear, Charlie Brooker, Danny Baker did a great series on LPs last week, Miranda, Not Going Out, all appointment viewing for me....

Yes....sort of. I watched Miranda , because the wife likes her, and she is pretty loveable and a hell of a lot funnier than French and Saunders, and I watch Top Gear..thats my other religeon apart from Doctor Who, but thats it.
The Beeb brought Doctor Who back when they had money to burn, when the government was letting them put the fee up every year. Plus they had run out of the classic series to re release. It was all done, everything was put out on VHS and then again on DvD and it there was nothing left for them to sell again. And the DvDs and Doctor Who stuff was making them a LOT of money, so they decided to do some new stuff as it was popular and they could sell it over seas and make yet more cash. I just wish they would shut down either BBC3 or BBC4 or even both. And move the few good things from there to BBC2. That way they would save cash to spend on making new shows. There is no excuse now, if there is no more being human, fades etc, for them not to do a full season of Doctor Who each year.

Strange as it may seem the world or even the BBC does not revolve around Doctor Who. Your point around the DW DVDs is frankly laughable, in 2004 when the new series was commissioned only 20 out of 130+ complete stories had been released on DVD, secondly the sales of DW DVD and VHS are very very low, around 20,000 is a figure commonly quoted compared with hundreds of thousands or even millions for a popular program. Before the new series DW merchandise was very thin on the ground as well, to say that it was some kind of massive money spinner is crazy.

as for "losing" a year of Dr Who... I wouldn't bet your house on just getting 7b, the special and the xmas special this year....

Well ok. You can think what you like thats fair enough. I bought most of those storys on VHS, Starting with Revenge of the Cybermen, as I am a Tom fan. Then I bought them again on DVD. They have sold a lot. A hell of a lot, as well as toys, curtains, books, duvet covers, lunch boxes, bottle openers, busts, and anything else they could think of to put Doctor Who on to.

Anyway I am not here to fight. Ok?

And the loosing a year of Doctor Who...well I was trying to work it out in black and white terms. we had six episodes last year and the Christmas special, so call that seven episodes, when we should / normally get 13. Thats 12 and the xmas special so we lost six episodes in 2012.

2013 is confirmed now. All we are getting is 8 episodes and 1 special in November. Separate to that is the BBC Documentary on how the show started. Docudrama thing...thats an hour. Thats it. I am not counting Audio plays, re releases new toys or anything else you have to pay for outside of the license fee.

So thats 8 episodes + special at 60 minutes = 9 1/4 episodes worth. Add in the 1 hour docudrama to the budget and you get 10 1/2 episodes worth of material. Add in the Xmas special and you get 11 1/2 episodes. So we have lost 6 1/2 episodes over the 2012 / 2013 period. If you look at it in terms of episode TIME ONLY.

If you look at it in episodes of normal Doctor Who with Mat Smith and co we have lost 10 episodes over the 2012 / 2013 period. Each season of 12 storys per year not including any specials. So 6 last year and 8 this = 14 hence the missing 10.

Thats how I am looking at it. I keep an eye on filming reports and set reports and what is being filmed where and when and its impossible to keep it a secret, there is always some evidence of something going on somewhere. So for the BBC to suddenly pull an amazing turn around and go " Here you go fans, another 10 episodes for you to watch in the aniversery year to make up for the missing ones" is looking most unlikely.

I dont know what to think about it. I just wish they would put 12 episodes a season on, and stop messing around. And to do it in the aniversery year is a bit cruel. But I am getting past caring now. They will do what they want regardless of what fans do or say.
It just reminds me of the Sylv McCoy era when they started filming less and less, and you got less and less until it went off the air. I am not saying thats going to happen at all. It just reminds me of it.

Technically Tom is alive. It's only the ghost and vampire who are dead.

But yes. A shame it's ending.

I quite agree we appear to have lost a complete season, the 8 episodes we are getting in April are last years episodes and this year we appear to be getting a just a special, however again we have had a BBC exec saying just today "We haven't revealed yet what we are doing, but it will be an absolutely enormous, very, very ambitious event."
It might not be a new series but I think we will be getting more than just one 60 minute special and the making of drama.

It seems they just tried to repeat the set up with new/old characters .
It should have moved in another direction. to a different location.

Replacing the original Werewolf,Ghost and Vampire living together with ,,,a Werewolf,Ghost and Vampire living together was a sign they had run out of ideas really.

Totally agree, I watch a total of two shows (which I could live without) on bbc and yet I am forced (with the threat of prison!!!) to pay for others to enjoy "quality" dramas... What a wonderful democracy me live in... Being Human was the one bbc series I couldn't miss!

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