Being Human series 5 to be its last

News Louisa Mellor
7 Feb 2013 - 09:29

It's official: Being Human is over. The current series of the supernatural BBC3 show is to be its last...

It's news that will come as little surprise to those who've been reading the signs, but sad tidings all the same: the current series of Being Human is to be the show's last. 

The news was confirmed by the BBC this morning in a statement that praised the show's "exceptional actors and storylines", adding philosophically that "all good things come to an end". Series five debuted last Sunday (our review here), and fans who've stayed the course will recognise that the story arc of the final six episodes is preparing for an apocalyptic climax. 

The BBC Being Human blog signed off the news with the consolation that Toby Whithouse wrote the current series in the knowledge that it would be the last, and so has penned a "truly climactic" ending for the Honolulu Heights gang.

"Over the next five weeks Hal, Tom and Alex will face the most fearsome adversary imaginable… the Devil. Is this a one-way ticket to the apocalypse? What sacrifices must be made to postpone Armageddon?

The father of all evil will rise. Captain Hatch is just itching to inflict chaos on mankind. With the Men In Grey out of action and Crumb running rampant, Hal, Tom and Alex have yet to fully comprehend the scale of the terror that awaits. Or the magnitude of running a seaside hotel.

The end has begun…"


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