First look at Being Human series 5

News Louisa Mellor
7 Dec 2012 - 07:30

The new BBC Three 2013 trailer reveals one or two glimpses of the next series of Being Human...

This story contains a spoiler for the Being Human series four finale.

The entire sixty-second trailer for BBC Three's new 2013 season is available to see here, but for those of you too busy to sift through the likes of Pramface, Junior Doctors and Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, we've filtered out the seven or so glimpses shown of Being Human series five (in an ideal world of course, The Fades would also number amongst the programmes previewed, but ho-hum).

To begin with, there's a shot of newish-comer Kate Bracken as ghost Alex, looking pleased about something...

Followed by ocular proof that yes, Damien Malony's ancient vampire Hal will not be wearing a shirt for at least some of series five. "We're at war", he says, with no top on.

Here's the whole gang together: ghost Alex, werewolf Tom (Michael Socha), and vampire Hal investigating what looks like the aftermath of a particularly nasty insurance claim...

Now, we're not entirely sure who that is running in the duster towards the creepy manor house, or indeed if it's even a clip from Being Human...

But judging by this next shot, we'd be very surprised if this turned out to be a moment from Don't Just Stand There, I'm Having Your Baby.

Or this. In fact, that's almost certainly Kate Bracken in the clinch of a pale-eyed zombie-looking creature.

And this is very definitely The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt (confirmed as guest star Larry for one episode of the new series) swinging some kind of implement and screaming in a car park.

To top it all off then, here's Alex once again, looking considerably less pleased than she was in the image above.

Being Human series five, starring Phil Davis as the villainous Captain Hatch, is expected to air on BBC Three early next year.


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